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Do you want to build a Custom Gaming PC?

Are you considering your options, buy or build a custom Gaming PC?

Before you put your hard earned cash out for a custom gaming PC why not investigate the possibilities?

Some pros and cons of buy or build a custom computer -

I think everyone wants the good news first, but with a major out lay of cash you may want to look at the bad news first so on with the cons:

Buy -

  • You will have to find a reputable computer manufacture/assembler to build a custom gaming computer. Give them the specifications and then they will tell you how much it will cost.
  • Most custom computers will not go past the OEM [Original Equipment Manufactures] warranty.
  • You will have to pay to have the computer assembled and shipped to you.


  • You will have to order, assemble, test, and load the software (Operating System, support programs, etc) yourself.
  • Any tech support will have to come from googling (searching) the internet to find any information about your problem if the item/device manufacture does not offer support.

Buy -

  • You don't have to order, assemble, test, or load software on the system.
  • You can call the company you bought it from for tech support. [This may not always be the case!]

Build -

  • You save the cost of the assembly by doing it yourself.
  • You know what is installed in the system, you bought each part.
  • The money you saved on the assembly and shipping can be used to buy higher quality parts or more items/devices than you would if you purchased a custom built pc.
  • You have a larger choice for your components.

When you build a custom Gaming PC it is easier to upgrade, you know what components are in the system, you wouldn't if you bought a custom computer unless you kept the specifications from when you ordered it, and heck who keeps receipts and manuals any way?

So now you can make an intelligent decision and enjoy your new game machine!

You will find more facts and instructions on how to build a custom Gaming PC in the Build A Custom PC Guide.

What is in a gaming PC that isn't in a normal or business PC?

Well for starters it will have a very high resolution video card [don't forget to match that card with a high resolution monitor!] with more memory, it will also have the latest MDAC processor.

[Most motherboards come with embedded video, the embedded video is ok for normal business or home use but it not display the higher resolutions games require and the system performance will suffer].

Your gaming PC should also have a very high quality sound card and speakers or head phones for the best gaming experience.

[Don't get fooled by the onboard sound on most motherboards, even with the latest improvements they will not have the quality of a medium priced sound card]

You will also want the fastest processor available and the most RAM (memory) you can afford.

You will need a high capacity hard drive and a high speed DVD.

 [The latest game I have came on six DVD's! Gone are the single CD days, so if you have four newer games they just maxed out your 200 gig hard drive!]

If you are a online gamer you will need a decent network card, most newer motherboards come with that option embedded on the motherboard.

If you have a yearning to fly you will need a joy stick, some players have a throttle and rudder pedals also. Your best bet is to get USB devices. (At this time there are still very few USB 3 gaming devices - 11/11/12 - Note: 08/19/14 You would think that after two and a half years there would be USB 3 support, alas there isn't!).

And you will need an Operating System, if you are familiar with Linux there are a few games being ported over for it. Otherwise XP is still the best bet, publishers are writing drivers or games for Windows 7 now so that is also a consideration.

Sample parts list for you to Build a custom Gaming PC:

The image, table, or PDF was removed because it will not display on your device. Check back on a PC....
System List date 05/23/11 Cost
Cooler Master Centurion RC-534-SKN2-GP No Power Supply Mid-Tower Case (Silver/Black) $79.99
Antec EarthWatts EA430 430W ATX12V Power Supply $89.99
Asus P5B Deluxe Core 2 Duo/ P965/ SATA2/ A&2GbE/ ATX Motherboard  $266.99
Intel Core 2 Quad Processor E6400 2.13GHz 1066MHz 2MB LGA775 CPU OEM $264.99
STT DDR2-800 4GB/64x8 CL4 Memory x 2 $148.98
Thermaltake CL-P0257 Blue Orb II Silent For 945/K8/775 Dual Core CPU Fan $54.99
Hitachi 320GB 0A33405 ATA133 7200rpm 8MB RoHS Hard Drive $109.99
SonyNEC AD-7170A-0S 18X Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Drive (Silver) $49.99
XFX nVidia GeForce 7300GT 512MB 2DVI/HDTV PCI-Express Video Card $144.99
Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro 7.1 24-bit PCI Sound Card $189.99
Creative I-Trigue 2200 2PC Speaker System (Black/Silver) $61.99
Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 3000 Set (Keyboard + Mouse) $141.99
Microsoft Windows XP Professional W/SP3 $209.99
System sub total $1,814.86
Optional Accessories  
Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 Digital WebCam $94.99
Samsung 941BW 19 inch WideScreen 4ms DVI LCD Monitor (Black) $301.99
AntiVirus $34.99
Cost of system $2,246.83
Comaprable system custom built  
Voodoo (only comes with AMD processor) - with monitor $5,530
Alenware - No monitor $2,683

As you can see to a build a custom Gaming PC is not cheap. How ever you can save yourself some headaches and a lot of money by DIY ( 2012 prices...)


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The Build a custom Gaming PC article was updated on 11/11/12, the prices are close to what they were when this article was written.

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