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Your Experience in the Computer Repair field

You get experience by doing the work or experimenting when you have time...

One of the hardest things to gain is your skill at computer repairing.


It takes time, it takes perseverance, and it takes a job where you can work at different tasks.

Some jobs such as telephone tech support are considered entry level jobs because companies that provide their own tech support or contract it out to a contracting service use the lowest paid and skilled workers to do first level telephone support. Technicians just coming out of tech school or college are usually hired for these jobs.

Telephone Tech Support is fairly easy to do if you have the right demeanor. You need to be able to communicate clearly and have a friendly manner. You gain knowledge with customer service by phone contact. Most telephone tech support people move on to field work after a year or two.

Very few large companies put an entry level tech in the field in the fist year; if they do they team them with an trained tech for the first three to six months. The main thing to remember with this time period will be your reviews, the better you interact with the customer and the job excellence the better the review.

Once you move past the entry level your supervisor will give you more challenging tasks and expect more from you. As you gain knowledge the jobs you can do will open up and with the new job or promotion comes more responsibility and of course more money.

When you reach the "intermediate" level of training you would do well to consider more course study to move to the "Expert" or "Pro" part of your career. Becoming a MCSE or CCSE will open new avenues for employment or even enable you to branch out on your own by opening a business.

Consider this : Experience doesn't happen over night. You have to work hard at gaining the training you need to move up in the Computer Repair field.

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A Senior Tech or Systems Admin didn't get the designation by just doing enough to get by but by doing the extra tasks, going above and beyond the normal every day mundane work. And the study to get the degree or certifications for those positions.

Good luck and remember you can have fun too!

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