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How would you create your own Custom Emergency Repair Disk ŠTM (ERD) for Vista, Windows 7,  Windows 8, or Winnows 10? Excellent question, please read on...

If you are doing DIY or home computer repair you will save yourself a lot of frustrations, time, and money, how?

With a Custom ERD...

Do not format the drive and do a fresh install of your Operating System until you have read this page!

In this age of doing more with less you can not afford to not have all your tools on a bootable USB or CD!

How would you do that?

When you DIY Computer Repairs imagine what would you use an Emergency Repair Disk  for...

  • Repair a Operating System that won't start.
  • Repair a File System (run a check disk)
  • Backup your Operating System (make an image).
  • Restore your Operating System (put your backup image on your hard drive).
  • Unlock your User ID if you are locked out.
  • Recover lost or deleted files.
  • Backup your files to another storage device.
  • Clean out a virus.
  • And more ...

What do you do when your Operating System has a failure?

Is it like this?

  • Getting a "unable to find mass storage device"
  • "no hard drive found"  errors when you use your old ERD to try and fix your computer?
  • Run the "Repair" function on the Windows ERD and still won't start?
  • Can't figure out what you need to type in at the command line to get to your favorite imaging program?

Because of this you give up and call a tech that will cost a lot of money; especially if it is a simple problem...

Does your  current ERD lack the tools you need to get the job done when you need to repair your computer? (if you have one)

Such as:Microsoft's gui for Windows 7 ERD, of the five one will allow you to do other things...

  • Not being able to reset a password when only one User ID is active on the Operating System? (Windows Vista and newer the Administrator ID is disabled!)
  • Not being able to create a reliable backup image of your Operating System with your favorite imagining program?
  • Not being able to access a hard drive that the Operating System is corrupt (this problem is more likely to happen with newer Operating Systems than pre Vista Operating Systems).
  • Not being able to fix an Operating System with a boot failure?
  • Not being able to repair a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) or Stop Error?
  • Tried those "System Restore" and "System Restore Points" and that didn't work out to well.

Clearly you need to create a Custom Emergency Repair Disk ŠTM for Windows.

  • You will save the time it takes for a tech to repair your computer (hours and sometimes days).
  • You can save the money that you would have to pay a tech to do the repair (that will be very expensive).
  • You will be able to do more than fix a non operational computer with an ERD.
  • No more searching for tools to mend a broken computer, have them all on one disk.

Why? Because your old ERD Commander, BartPE, or Windows 7 ERD not getting the job done...

Can you actually build your own custom ERD for your own home computer repair?

It is possible but it will take a lot of work and time, collecting files, then decoding geek / techie speak.

It will be easier if you take this e-course though.

You can search for Win PE 3 building programs, or search Microsoft Tech net for the information. I will warn you that the process of finding a decent program will take you quite some time and most of the sites you will find are for programmers or IT professionals. In other words: a lot of techie and geek speak.

What if you could create your own Emergency Repair Disk (for free) with a GUI (Graphics User Interface - or Desktop) with out most of the hassle and geek to wade through trying to translate those commands that you must type in at the command line?

Having all your tools on your one bootable media makes doing your repairs easier and faster than having two separate devices, one to boot and another with your tools that you  may or may not be able to access...

A long time newsletter subscriber replied when I introduced the ERD e-course said: "I could of definitely used your ERD this last week...."

Another long time newsletter subscriber sent: "PS: Remember I talked to you about needing one!"

Before you start your search for information on making a Personalized ERD you will want to sign up for my short tutorial (translated with the minimum of techie / geek speak) on making a customized Emergency Repair Disk for yourself.

I have done the research, the testing, and give you the information you need to make your own Personalized Emergency Repair Disk... (in this short e-course - this is NOT a report!)

If computers are a major factor in your life you cannot afford not to have this essential tool!

This service has been discontinued do to lack of funds, please bookmark this page it may return in the near future...    :(

Why take this e-course?

Because after the first repair you will thank yourself for getting this great advice for your DIY Computer Repairs by building your own Custom ERD!


This question was asked of me: "What is an Emergency Repair Disk or ERD anyway?"

An ERD is a disk you can use to repair a non functional Operating System, it is not a hardware repair tool!

You can do a lot of other work with the ERD that is not hardware orientated. Such as replace files that are corrupt, fix the boot sector or record so the Operating System will start once again. Clean out a virus (however an image will do a better job). Make a backup image of your Operating System partition, that will kill all known viruses.

However if you don't have the time or skills to build your own custom ERD click here!

Emergency Repair
isk (ERD) - Will Yours Work?

Repair Disk

Custom made for you...

You keyboard isn't thirsty, and it doesn't need calcium. Milk and other liquids will ruin a keyaboard!

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