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What To Do When An Embedded Device Fails

When an embedded device fails it will cause other devices to fail, this is a cascade effect of failure...

When an embedded device fails on the motherboard does that mean you need to replace the motherboard?

Not necessarily, sometimes you can hold off for a while and use an add on card to do the function of the embedded device.

Most modern motherboards have these devices embedded:

  • Audio
  • USB
  • Drive controller
  • Video
  • Keyboard controller
  • Mouse controller
  • NIC (Network Interface Card)

When one of the built in part dies you can use an add on card (if you have the slot open) to replace the embedded device with the exception of the keyboard and mouse.

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Even if the keyboard and mouse are USB devices if the controller fails you will have to replace the motherboard.

And if you happen to have on of those 'mini' or "netbook" computers or no open slots? Well then you have to replace the motherboard or the computer.

When you use an add on card to replace a failed embedded device plan on replacing the motherboard in the near future because once one part fails it is a matter of time when that failure will cause other embedded parts or the motherboard to fail. This is called a cascade effect, failure of one part causes stress on other parts thus causing them to fail.

Before you install a new add on card to replace a failed embedded device I suggest you disable the failed device in the BIOS if it is listed, in the case of an IDE or SATA controller remove the device drivers before installing the add on card and connecting the drive(s).

Note: If the motherboard is out of warrantee or you don't want the same make/model as replacement you will have to install the Operating System once you replace the motherboard that has the failed part. Plan accordingly and back up your data!

Then you have to ask yourself: Do I upgrade to the latest and greatest or just the motherboard and use the processor/memory/add on cards I already have?

Don't forget to do your research, a bargain is not a bargain if you have to replace it in a couple of months...  :(

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Remember when an embedded device fails the motherboard should be replaced, over time more devices will fail...

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