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Driver backup programs, Good? Bad? Ugly?

Driver backup programs - be careful with searching and downloading these...

I was asked if I knew of any driver backup programs, and if I did which ones were good or bad.

Having done a lot of installations, upgrades, and imaging, no I didn't know of any such programs. Most computers come with an installation CD/DVD with drivers, if not then you can do a search for the drivers you need. But what if you don't have the time to do all that searching?

Not until I did some research on the subject.

If you do a search for a program you will come up with over 100 sites that list them but only nine of these sites actually have the program, some just point back to one of the first sites.

Here are the three I picked at random to test:

Driver Magician

DriverBack up! by gvbsource

Driver Back up - [Possible virus attack when downloading this program]

Of the three only Driver Magician would decompress and install.

In addition that the other two would not install I picked up a nasty virus from the cnet web site, so if you decide to download the Driver Backup be aware that your computer will be attacked.

I loaded the Driver Magician in a VM Machine, loaded up some drivers from VM Ware then ran the backup program.

Then I uninstalled the VM Ware drivers, restarted the VM Machine then reinstalled the drivers with out any problems.

I think the program is a valuable tool to add to your IT Tool Box.

However the program is shareware but not crippled, it has a 30 day trial. I did not buy it yet but will consider it for a future purchase.

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One feature I like about this program is it will build three different types of files:

  • zip
  • rar
  • exe

If you make the backup an exe file then you can run it with as a stand alone program.

Where as if you make it a zip or rar file you have to install the Driver Magician program to restore the drivers in the appropriate folders and the registry.

The question is do you need to backup your drivers?

Yes and no...

On the Pro side I can see having this program for a customers computer that you are unsure of having the drivers and have to do a full install of the Operating System for one reason or another, it would be a real time saver and for the customer time is their money.

If you are like me and have a bad habit of trashing your computer on a monthly basis and don't have the Driver CD for your computer, yes if would be a great idea. It could possibly save you a couple of hours in searching for and downloading those drivers.

If you do a clean install this could possibly save you a lot of time.

No, if you have the install cd/dvd's for your computer/motherboard then why bother? Well maybe just for the heck of it? Smile...

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A driver backup is a handy tool for your IT Tool Box, what you don't have an IT Tool Box?

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