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You only get 26 drive letters, and bad news: Normally the first three are already allocated before you start your computer!

I have found a nice utility that will assign your USB devices to a set you want not what the OS wants. Cool!

Why it happens -

When you install/attach a physical  device or memory device to your computer either through the use of a drive interface, the parallel or serial port (old school), or the USB port the OS assigns the next available one to the device.

Running out of them is a bummer isn't it?

Constantly fighting with drive-letters every time you connect a USB device to your computer?

Remapping those network shares after connecting a USB pen  device?

Take control of those pesky things!

The precedence is give to physical devices over network or subsist drives such as your share drive on a server or when you assign say device letter K: to your floppy  device instead of A: or B:.

Lets say (as in my case) I have a device letter assigned to my network device that I use for my back up, it is the first non physical assigned device letter. When I connect one of my pen devices to my computer that network device is removed from the network and assigned to the pen  device.

Now this presents a problem if the pen device is connected and the backup runs as scheduled, it will write the backup to the pen device and when it is full will error out.

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Now I will have to manually do the backup, delete all the files written to the pen device, in other words a mess.

Until I found this utility:

USB Drive Letters Manager by Uwe Sieber in Germany

The Manager is a fairly easy program to install and configure. I have been using this utility for over four years now and very pleased with it. It passes all AV programs I run on six computers also.

This is not a free program but it only costs $15.00, not that expensive in my opinion.

By selecting one or more characters I tell the Operating System where the device will reside when I connect it, this has some very nice implications, if I use a batch file to say back up certain files to the device then it will put the files on the that device not some place else, or if I want to temporarily copy a file I can again use a batch file to get the file and place it where I need it.

No more changing my network  devices when I connect a USB device. Cool!

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Now you can permanently assign a USB its own drive letters.

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