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Dragon Naturally Speaking - speech to text software has advanced over the last two decades...

Dragon Naturally Speaking Software installation, setup, and use.

A software review of the voice to text software and installation.

Note: Before installing this software it is recommended that you install and test a headset with microphone (a noise canceling type microphone is best).

The following text was read using voice to text from the back of the box. The text was copied from Dragon Pad straight into this document no spelling corrections made from the original text:

"Dragon Naturally Speaking

A faster way to more done on your computerDragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance

Create documents, e-mail reports, and spreadsheets in minutes instead of hours by using your voice.

Control Your PC By Voice

Tell your PC what you wanted to do, such as "send e-mail to Kate Lynn" read or "search the web for financial planners in Houston, Texas," and Dragon makes it happen. It is that simple.

Keep Up With Your Brain

Capture your thoughts and ideas as fast as they come to you. Dragon premium that you focus on content - not typing - so you can communicate better.

Work Comfortably, Anywhere

Say goodbye to pain and repetitive stress injuries. Control your PC in a relaxed hands - free mode. Dragon premium works with a wireless headset (not included) for great diction accuracy without wires. Or bring along your digital voice recorder (not included) when you had out for the day; Dragon premium can transcribe the audio files of your voice when you return to your PC.

Dragon Works The Way You Work

  • Dictate text and to all the applications you rely on throughout your day - whether it's a custom program for work, or your favorite instant messaging software.
  • Less stress at home, work, or wherever life takes you
  • With Dragon premium, you can break free from the routine and experience:
  • Freedom to create documents, e-mail, status updates and more just by speaking your thoughts.
  • Freedom to control your computer more comfortably and naturally.
  • Freedom to work your way using Dragon's options and simple custom voice commands.
  • Freedom to dictate anywhere with a wireless headset or a digital voice recorder to capture your thoughts and ideas.
  • Freedom to do more faster for less stress and more success."

Although I am still training the Dragon Naturally Speaking program you can see that the text is very clear with only a few mistakes in punctuation, capitalization, but no spelling mistakes.

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If you do a lot of text dictation or translate documents from voice to text (or voice recognition) this would be a better choice over typing. I haven't had a chance to try a voice recorder to see how well the program will translate text to speech at this time.

There are other voice recognition programs that would cost less but would they be as good or as easy to use? This program in the Premium version cost just under $200 well worth the amount of time, wear and tear on my hands in the long run.

The installation if fairly smooth but it does take fifteen or so minutes to complete. Also the update hung on my computer due to the size of the drive I have my temp files located on - a Ram Drive of 4 GB (see RAM Drive) and because the update file is over 500 MB in size.

The program will crash older versions of Front Page when used directly, one way around this is to use the Dragon Pad or Notepad to dictate your thoughts then copy and paste the text. With Notepad this however creates a formatting problem with a HTML document, if you view source on this page you will see that a few lines are not in "paragraphs" but have the < br > code at the end of a sentence, this is the normal end of sentence or delimiter that you get when you copy and paste from Notepad. However using the "Dragon Pad" the normal HTML formatting will carry over and with out the 'Microsoft" formatting you would get from say MS Word or Excel.

Other programs tested with Dragon Naturally Speaking are:

  • MS Outlook
  • MS Power Point

Overall if you do a lot of typing in applications this may be an alternative to relieve the stress on your hands.

DE Nuance - DNS 11.5 Premium Edition

For me it took a little getting used to because I do most of my work in MS Front Page.

I give this software a 9 out of 10. I called their support line when I received the product because the headset/microphone was broken when I took it out of the box, they sent a new one overnight!

The install was fairly easy but because of the size of update file it failed, I had to remember that my temp drive is only 3.5 GB in size and 3.4 GB of that is the swap file. Once I changed the path to the temp directory to a larger drive the update took about fifteen minutes to complete.

Update 02/12/20 - When I purchased this program in 2010 the Operating system I was using was XP and the processor was a Pentium, and as time goes on we need to "keep up with technology" so when I upgraded to the Core 2 DUO and then the Core 2 Quad motherboards and processors the program was left be hind. Now my laptop and tower computers are primarily Win 7 and 10 with multi boot, I haven't used the Dragon Naturally Speaking program in quite some time and may give it a try soon.


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