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To Do a Data Backup is not the question, The Question Is How And What To Backup!

You should do a data backup for normal day to day operations  for any files that were changed for that day, something most computer owners ignore even small business owners...

You should do a  backup of all your data either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on how much data you generate or how much you change your data.

What is data? The term that we use for any file that is not part of the Operating System or program that changes or can be changed by a user is data, documents, spreadsheets, email, pictures, videos, or any other information that is created by the user.

Disasters happen daily, somewhere in the world today someone has lost all their data.

Because we have become a  "digital" society having a disaster preparedness plan is very important, to safe guard your data, it should be one of your top priorities, when it comes to being prepared for the worst that mother nature or mechanical failure that will happen to you.

And part of that plan is to keep a backup of your data up to date and in a safe place. What is your plan?

A person or business that only changes a word doc or spread sheet once a week wouldn't back it up daily.

A person or business that has constantly changing documents should do a data backup daily. A backup is only as good as the last time it was accomplished, in other words if you don't backup on a regular or scheduled basis then any data you generated between the backup and the recovery will be lost. Do a backup of your data  regularly on a schedule!

With computers you can also use the smaller condensed "Check list" to accomplish a single repair task.You would think that newer operating systems such as Windows 7 or 8 that doing a backup would be easier, but instead the publisher (in this case Microsoft) has made the use and just finding the program that much harder.

Where to backup your data to?

Well this depends on how much data you have. Say you have a small business. Your business uses email and spread sheets and occasionally a word document. Your total daily generated data may be ten meg of data. This of course is to large for a floppy.

There are four different types of Backup:

  1. Incremental
  2. Differential
  3. Full
  4. Image

There are four different types of devices:

  1. Tape Drive
  2. CD Rom (rewriteable disks)
  3. Flash drive (This is a good option for small backups).
  4. External hard drive (You may want it to be a bootable usb).

The actual backup:

  1. Manual backup
  2. Automated backup

Do you know how to use the backup program built into Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7?  

Backup for Windows XP

A rack full of servers, do you really need all this power to backup your data every day?

Data backup by big companies takes a large capactiy server with a high speed tape drive, do you need that? Proably not.

Can you afford to not backup your data?

"Your recovery will only be as good as your last backup, no backup, no recovery"


What is your recovery plan?My custom made ERD, you can have one also, make it yourslf... or?

You need to do your data backup regularly on a schedule!

More than 1.44 MB of data? This of course is to large for a floppy.

Emergency Repair
isk (ERD) - Will Yours Work?

Repair Disk

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