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How would you use the data backup process to protect your data?

The actual data backup process:

Manual backup

To do a manual backup of your data is easy, you go to the folder where you have your documents, select the ones you want to backup, open the folder on the backup device and copy the files there. Simple.  (You could make a batch file (see the "How To..." section for writing batch files) and the Scheduler to have it run at a certain time and date).

Unless you create a new folder each time you doMedium and large companies use servers for backups. the backup you have no way to keep track of changes with out going to the properties of the document and looking at the change date.

If you have a few documents that you change infrequently then you could create a new folder for your backup and then copy the backup into that folder, time consuming but you will have a history of your documents back to when you started your backup procedure.

Automated backup

Using software to automate your process along with a set schedule of when the backup occurs is the simplest way to insure you have a current backup of your data incase of a disaster.

You can use the built in software that comes with your OS or you can purchase a third party program.

Data backup process

To use the built in software in Windows 2000 or XP you have to enable it, it is disabled by default (to find it use the help function and type in "backup"). Once you have it enabled you can set it to run on a daily basis for any document/folder or drive with the built in scheduler. For those that would rather use third party software for backup the one I am most familiar with is Backup Exec, for a single license it is over 400 dollars, as I was asked by an executive when I approached her for the approval to purchase the software she said: "How much is the data worth?" So you will have to ask yourself the question: "How much is my data worth? How long will it take me to recreate a document or series of documents? How much money will I lose while I am recreating the documents? Can the documents be recreated or will they be lost forever?"

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In the USA, you may not be aware  but if you have employees the FTC requires you to keep all email correspondence for seven years. You may want to check the new rules out as soon as possible.

Be aware that backing up the "System state" is not a complete backup of your OS drive. I have found in the past that the chances of recovering a failed OS with the backup of the system state to be less than reliable, most of the recoveries were so corrupt I had to reinstall the OS, and every application also.Using a server, for the Data Backup process, your data has advantages. You may want to invest and learn how to use "imaging" software and create images of any mission critical computer's boot drive...

One last note:

Another storage medium that I have not mentioned is a server, I did not add it as a normal backup device because not all medium or small businesses have one available. The server gives you a better choice for storage and backup with increased redundancy of the hardware and security of the operating system.

Before you start your back up be sure to have adequate storage for the backups...

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