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Customizing Windows 7 - after the optimization tweaks now it is time make it look the way you want it...

Customizing Windows 7 - Is not the same as optimization or tweaking, but you will see a performance increase just the same ...

Now you have your Windows 7 (Win 7) installed you want to make it look and work your way. It will take a little time because in it's esteemed wisdom Microsoft and the programmers have hidden the tools and options to customize your desktop, in addition there is an increase in 'security' to keep you from customizing your desktop.

After a week of the standard Windows Theme may be you would like something different?

So one of the first things you need to look at is the Customizing Windows 7 (UAC) User Account Control Settings. If you want to ok every change you make to your desktop leave the settings at the default. But if you want to change the settings until you are done then here is how you do it -

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Once you have finished Customizing Windows 7 then set the UAC back to the default settings. This way a virus can't attach to your desktop with out your permission.

So what can you change and do you want to change it?

This is the default desktop when you start Windows Seven - (Note: these images are from the 120 day evaluation of 2009.)

The image, table, or PDF was removed because it will not display on your device. Check back on a PC....

Windows 7 Customizing - Windows 7 RC desktop background.

Here is how much memory the OS is using prior to any changes, lets see how much we can gain back with a few tweaks.

Turning off some of the bloat built into todays Operating Systems will make the response of your computer faster...

And how do you get to say here -

A fwe well placed tweaks gains back some valuable memory for you use.

That is a reduction of 116 meg of ram being used! Just changing one thing!

Windows 7 Customizing instructions:

We start here -

What is it with programers? Hiding the things a customer needs...

Then choose the theme in the 'Appearance and Personalization'

Now this isn't like the old control panel at all, too geeky? Choose "view by" to change it!

You can use different theme, but if you choose another image then

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the memory usage will either drop slightly or increase, remember that the background theme has to be in memory and refreshed periodically by the processor. Now this may not be a big deal when you have a Core 2 Duo or Quad processor with Hyperthreading but if you are still running a Pentium 4 it will make a big difference.

And if you open a lot of programs with windows covering the background then what do you care about a pretty picture when you start and shut down the computer?

On the left more otpions, why not have them on one window?

For my change I have decided to go with a solid color, the fish looks cool but the blue back ground play's havoc with my eyes.

So many choices, but how long did it take for you to get here?

I am selecting the Classic Color theme.

Back and forth, just to turn off one thing and turn on another...

But first if you decide to change to something else here are the steps. Using the drop down menu select your new type of theme.

XP was sooooo much easier, pick one.

The list in the drop down menu.

Hope you get it changed before you get frustrated.

I picked solid colors first, the difference in resolution is apparent.

Finally where I wanted to be in the first place, using a solid color will decrease the amount of memory and processor time ...

The green is semi transparent.

Now you can set the color and regain some memory!

I have decided to use Windows Classic colors.

More steps to do...

Now the green isn't transparent. Next I want the icons on the desktop, the choice is very limited.

Pick the icons you want on the desktop...

Now I have the main icons on the desktop.

Almost to the end of this...

Next I don't like the image that is displayed on the startup screen and the start menu, so I select Change your account picture.

You don't have to be a Geek to customize your Windows 7 with the Windows 7 Ultimate Guide.

Change your log on image...

Then I find the image I want for my new account picture.

You can find a few images here.

I like this one, so I select it then press the 'Change Picture'.

What if the image you want isn't here?

Next I go to the Advanced properties and change the way Win 7 handles the performance. I select the 'Adjust for the Best Performance' this will help with recovering memory and processor time also.

Setting the Advanced option to Adjust for best performance or removing all the check boxes will reduce memory usage...

Completed the customization, and recovered 116 meg of ram, and not noticeable is the processor isn't working as hard.


Once you find all the tools Windows 7 Customizing is pretty easy.

You will find more customization techniques in the Windows 7 Ultimate Guide.

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