Why You Need An Emergency Repair Disk (ERD)

When your computer fails don't find yourself searching for tools to diagnose then repair it...

Have an ERD, which every DIYer needs and every tech has...

Have your Custom Emergency Repair Disk?TM before you need it instead of not having your Custom Emergency Repair Disk?TM and needing it really bad!

You need a Custom Emergency Repair Disk ?TM (ERD) with the tools to do these tasks:My custom back ground, never be with out help!

  • Repair a file system not found error.

  • Repair a boot file not found error.

  • Diagnose and maybe Repair a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) or Stop error.

  • Make a backup image of your Operating System partition.

  • Restore a backup image of your Operating System partition (this cures 99.99% of all know viruses and boot problems).

  • Correct a corrupt file system by restoring your Operating System with a back up image.

  • Backup your data from a failing or corrupt hard drive to another storage.

  • Recover deleted files.

  • Reset passwords (on non domain computers).

  • Wipe a drive for donation or before selling your old computer.

  • Find out just what hardware is installed in a unknown computer, no more guessing.

Fixing any one of these problems will save you hours and potentially hundreds of dollars!
(Hint: The generic Windows 7/8 ERD only has the tools to do two of the above repairs...)

Just how do you get such a great set of tools?

I'll make it for you, customized to your specifications
(with in the limits of the environment the Windows 7 ERD has, approximately 190 MB).

I know most people are too busy to go through all the different web sites reading and then decoding the jargon, trying to piece together a decent bootable CD (or USB flash drive) to repair their computer. That is why I am offering you this specialized service, to do the work that is needed to create a bootable CD and a file that will make a flash drive bootable. All your tools on one CD and / or a Flash Drive.

Who else makes this type of ERD? No one. A search of the internet will turn up zero web sites for making you a Custom Emergency Repair Disk. You would have to find the files, download them, and then make it yourself. (Save yourself a lot of time experimenting, frustration, and headaches - order yours today...)

Is this tool for the novice DIYer? Yes if you read the instructions that come with the programs on the CD, some of the programs are destructive, by destructive the program has the potential of deleting or over writing the data on the mass storage (hard drive).

Parting with your hard earned money for something that you "may" need is hard, but not having the tools to fix your computer and paying a tech to do your repair is foolish. A real conundrum, a "Catch 22" isn't it. But consider the cost of the ERD disk vs. a repair, the conundrum should be resolved. Get it before you need it!

Base List of programs that are added to the Windows 7 ERD for you.

  1. 7-Zip  - File compression/extraction program.

  2. a43     - File management system (one of the better ones!).

  3. AccessGain - Password resetting tool, will NOT work on Domain user ID's!

  4. NT password - Reset passwords tool will NOT work on Domain user ID's!

  5. BCDEdit      - Command line editor for modifying the boot up process.

  6. BootRecord - Repair a a computer that the boot up files are missing.

  7. BootSector  - Write a new boot sector file, use before using the BootRecord option.

  8. Clonedisk    - An imaging program to make images of your OS installation, a fair program.

  9. DiskMgmt   - The Windows Disk Manager

  10. diskpart       - The Microsoft command line disk partitioning program

  11. DriveImageXML - An imaging program to make images of your OS installation, a good program. (32-bit  only)

  12. Eraser      - Wipe disk utility, clean off your hard drive before selling your computer. (32-bit  only)

  13. FileManagerPE - File management program, a fair program.

  14. HWiNfo   - Hardware Information program, a very good program for identifying unknown hardware in a computer.

  15. JkDefrag - A defragment program, a fair program - NOTE: DO NOT DEFRAG A SSD! You will corrupt the data!

  16. network - A script and files to load Network drivers and connect to a network, wired only.

  17. Opera - A internet browser, use this to find drivers you need to replace or add to your dead OS.

  18. Recuva - A file recovery program, a good program for recovering deleted files.

  19. ScreenRes - Adjust the resolution of the video display.

  20. SumatraPDFOpt - A small compact PDF reader.

Note: All programs are scanned and do not contain any virus infections...

And just how much would such a handy tool cost? Less than half an hour of Repair Tech time at $47.99

A sampling of other commercial bootable media with only one program such as "FarStone DriveClone 10" will cost you from $87.00 to well over $200! And that is with only one program or this:

By this or buy mine?

That is a very expensive commercial product, you can do better...

In this age of doing more with less you can not afford to not have all your tools on a bootable USB or CD!

That is correct a portable Operating System on a CD or pen drive, will boot on any Intel? processor computer!

Do you need it? Well ...

A long time newsletter subscriber said when I introduced the Personalized ERD: "I could of definitely used your ERD this last week...." (now has the 64-bit Special ERD ...)

Another long time newsletter subscriber said: "PS: Remember I talked to you about needing one!" (now has the 32-bit Special ERD ...)

If you feel you are lost as to why you need an ERD or about shipping yours to a country besides the USA contact me here: Support

There are three requirements to buying this customized Windows 7 ERD:

  • You have to pay the invoice before I commit my time and resources to the making your ERD.

  • You have to have a valid shipping address to ship your completed CD to.

  • You must indicate if you have a Windows Vista, Windows 7/ 8/ 10 32 bit or 64 bit OS!

Note 1: Some of the programs are destructive, by destructive the program has the potential of deleting or over writing the data on the mass storage (hard drive). I do not take any responsibility for miss use of any programs or damage you may do with this product!

Note 2: A 32 bit ERD has more tools and can repair more problems than the 64 bit ERD, however the 32 bit ERD can not repair the Boot Sector or Boot Record for a 64 Bit version of Windows.

Nothing to download - I'll do all the work for you.

Each individual CD is tested, I also test the USB Flash drive file.

Usually ships with in two business days after invoice is paid.

You can have your own custom background, no extra cost!You get two types of bootable media for the price of one!Use the included file to create your own flash drive ERD!

I will include a special file that you can use to make your customized Windows 7 ERD into a bootable USB flash drive. Once you have your USB flash drive made you can add files to a special folder I will put in the file that makes the USB flash drive. You can also add programs that are stand alone (they don't require any installation) to your flash drive ERD when you find one you like and need. (You can use the file I make for the bootable usb flash drive to create an external bootable hard drive.)

The difference between the Custom  and Special is the additional files.

For the Special ERD I include this list of Digital DIY Computer Repairs Manuals from my DIY Computer Repair Library DVD:

  1. Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition - PDF

  2. Windows 7 Ultimate Guide - PDF

  3. Build a Custom PC Manual - PDF

  4. Upgrade Your Computer Manual - PDF

  5. 41 checklists to help you do repairs - PDF (with a Checklist index - PDF)

  6. Advanced E-Course on Computer Repair Techniques - PDF

  7. Advanced E-Course on Over Clocking  - PDF

  8. Seven software tips from DIY Computer Repairs for your information - PDF

  9. Five part e-course - PDF

  10. The art of Virtual Computing e-course - PDF

  11. Making a Custom ERD e-course - PDF

  12. Custom ERD Guide for this ERD - PDF

A $137+ value



Before you order you need to know which version of Vista, Windows 7 / 8 / 10 you have. Is it the 32 Bit or 64 Bit version? To find out you can check the properties page of My Computer.

Right click on "My Computer" select "Properties" from the menu.

Look for the line that has "System type:" it will be either 32-bit Operating System  or 64-bit Operating System (OS).

Be aware that some of the utilities supplied with the 32-bit ERD will not run on the 64-bit ERD OS!

Choosing the wrong Operating System is NOT covered under the Guarantee!


Just think you can have your IT Tool Box in your pocket,
 brief case, or purse ready to use any time it is needed.


Click the Order Now!


Yes! I Want My Custom Emergency Repair Disk?TM Today...

P.S. I'll be taking care of the shipping costs!

Choose your Operating System version:

Before you pay you need to fill out this form to tell me what you need on your ERD! Before you pay you need to fill out this form to tell me what you need on your ERD! Before you pay you need to fill out this form to tell me what you need on your ERD! Before you pay you need to fill out this form to tell me what you need on your ERD!
32-bit Custom ERD
32-bit Special ERD
64-bit Custom ERD
64-bit Special ERD

Be prepared - order your personalized Windows 7 ERD before you need it!

You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose!

Did you know the US Gov is still pushing for an "internet sales tax"?
That would
add approximately $5 to $10 (10%!) to the cost of this DIY Computer Repairs ERD... 

Here's a message from the author, Monte Russell , about your guarantee:60 Day, 100 Percent, Money Back Guarantee

"I know my knowledge and experience can help you, but if for some reason you don't find this DIY Computer Repairs Manual helpful, I offer an unconditional, no-questions-asked, total refund within 15 days of purchase. Simply follow the client service notice on your invoice to get your money back in full."

Monte Russell

Most people prefer searching for their repair solutions that are free on the internet. However, do those 'freebies' come with a guarantee? Not at all..

These E-Books do not contain schematics or diagrams of computer components.

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