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Custom Computer - Do you have one?

Custom Computer is it the same as a brand name PC?

I have always had them since the days of my first one a TI-99. Never could leave well enough alone.

If you have a manufactured computer such as an IBM, Dell, or a [cough,  cough] MAC and have not added or change any hardware in the PC since you bought it then you are safe. You are not a Nerd [don't get me started on the geek stuff!].

Back to the customization of your computer, think about it for a minute, have you added another hard drive, CD/DVD drive, memory, upgraded the processor, and so on? Good for you!

My new ASUS laptop is not now a normal PC - had to upgrade the hard drive to a SSD (Solid State Drive) and an addtional 4 GB of memory. (Hard to imagine that a new laptop doesn't have a big enough hard drive isn't it?)

I mean it, if you can make modifications to your computer to enhance it's usability then that is a good thing, making it smoke is not so good though.

I was thinking about this the other day when I was asked what is the difference between a stock (manufactured, never modified) PC and a custom PC?

The only difference is a stock PC (such as a computers used by a business) that comes out of the box, it is set on a desk, and stays the same until the day it is replaced with a newer computer.

Where as they could be a stock computer that has an added hard drive, a memory or processor upgrade, video upgrade, you name it.

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And an all hand built PC are special one off computers.

I don't think there is another computer in the world like my tower.

  • The case is over ten years old,
  • The motherboard is brand new,
  • The processor is less than a year old,
  • The memory is from two years old to brand new,
  • There are three new hard drives,
  • The two SSD's that are from one to four years old,
  • The USB 3.0 add on card is a year old.
  • And.... I could go on for another five minutes on what is new and what is old.

The point is that a custom computer can be of any age or like mine it is in the process of renewal all the time.

And if you build your own computer you have a choice on the hardware unlike the manufactured computers that you have to take what is popular at the time the computer was designed and made.

Like our RV it has some old stuff that is still in great working order and then some that need to be replaced. (Anyone know where I can find a ... Just kidding).

If you have done any modifications (adding hardware) to your computer it is a now a custom computer, ever thought of that?

If you want to build your own personalized PC and don't know where to start click here.

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