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Computer troubleshooting checklists - You should use these in your first step in the process for your repair, doing it right will save you time and money in the long run.

What are computer troubleshooting checklists?

It is a short, concise, step by step listing of how a task or job should be done.

When you have a computer failure like all equipment the actual cause of the failure may not present itself. Troubleshooting a computer failure isn't that hard if you knwo what to look for.

That is why you need to troubleshoot the failure vs. changing out the part you think has failed. Changing out a part that hasn't failed is a costly mistake, you may learn the hard way, one lesson is most electronic stores will not take back a part that the package has been opened unless you can prove it was defective when you purchased it.

A hard and expensive lesson, where as troubleshooting the problem to determine the actual cause, that will save you a lot of money and time.

Normally it is condensed from at larger document, such as a the following web pages, it can be condensed down to only the steps you need for basic computer troubleshooting or fix your technical problem, however because you may not be familiar with the computer part or parts that have failed these actual check lists are somewhat more verbose than if you were using a commercial or technical document produced for a Technician or a mechanic.

When you do your repair the first step is to go through a series of steps to determine the cause of the problem as you learn about computer parts.

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With a book or this web site the steps may be drawn out with theory and descriptions of the process and parts. When you have a better understanding of how to trace down a problem then the larger books or the web sites are useful for refreshing your knowledge and checking for updates on the hardware.

You maybe asking why would you do all this extra work just to replace a part? Well with only a few exceptions (such as a noisy hard drive) most hardware failures are not self evident.

For instance the Windows Stop Error xxxxxxx07D is a memory error as explained by Microsoft Tech Net but it can also be a hard drive error or a hardware driver error. If you do the steps for a failure that isn't holding its hand up waiving saying "Hear that noise? I had a head crash and now the seeker head is laying on the platter gouging a canyon in the metal!" So do the steps you will save yourself some time and believe me a lot of money!

Each page is about a particular computer device or part, a procedure, or an actual failure you would encounter in your everyday computing.

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For more concise diagnostic check lists see this DIY  Computer Troubleshooting Checklists and Guides. 38 Checklists for you

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