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Keeping Up To Date With Computer Technology

In the ever changing world of computer technology - the wonders never cease...

One of the hardest things you have to do is keeping up to date on the technology changes that are coming out at a spectacular rate.

One way to stay ahead of the information power curve is to subscribe to publications and web sites such as this one.

Major manufactures have trade publications or produce articles on their web sites and may have a newsletter you can subscribe to.

Another way the manufactures get the word out about their latest product is by press release. Press releases for magazines, papers, and on the web. Instead of buying a subscription to a hard copy magazine you could sign up for a subscription to a press release web site, you can pick categories for the type of press release you would like to be notified for such as computer technology, cars, or space.

Note: Back in the day of the Goggle panda/penguin, and so on algorithms the Press release sites took a very large hit. There are still a few sites out there, a search will find them, however they may not carry what you are looking for...

The Computer Technology like space exploration technology changes daily. To keep up with the latest and greatest takes some time and effort.

If you are an employee of a computer or computer peripheral manufacture you will know about your companies newest products but you wouldn't know that much about the competition. You would either have to check the competitions web site say weekly or subscribe to their newsletters or a newsletter that covers your area of interest.

Some companies have a subscription to the "trade" magazines and either give them to employees or require them to read them to keep up to date on technological changes one such company that was doing this in the 1990's was Intel. Intel wanted their employees to know what the competition was doing and that was one way they kept their edge.

Pay or go for the free?

If you subscribe to publications in your career field in the USA you can take the cost off of your income tax if you itemize your deductions. The cost of publications can get quite expensive if you have five to ten subscriptions a year.

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If you don't want the cost of hard copy you can always do a search on the internet and sign up for different newsletters from manufactures, retailers, reviewers, or blogs.

When signing up for a newsletter keep in mind that some blogs are a rehash of other blogs, check out the content on the web site. If it is fresh, well written, and informative then the reviews and newsletter will also be of the same quality.

When you keep up with the technology you will never have to say "I haven't heard of that before." when a customer asks your opinion about a new product.

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Don't take it too hard, keeping up to date with Computer Technology is a hard task.

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