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Computer Software - although this is a hardware repair site I do some software reviews of products I have bought and feel they deserve a mention - good, bad, and ugly!  :)

Computer Software evaluations are hard to keep objective, I only review products I download (free or shareware) or buy for my business or personal use.

It is pretty hard to stay un-biased when you pay a large sum of money for a product and it doesn't live up to the advertising hype...

With the ever changing WWW there are always new and improved software and services. You know that somewhere on the world wide web someone has an answer. I am going to attempt to help you get some answers to those nagging questions.

Is this a good product?
How good is the software or service support?
Does the provider have follow on updates and upgrades?

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When you purchase software you are taking a pig in a poke unless some one has recommended the software product to you, you can search for the specific type of software and read the publishers description of the product, but they (in all due respect) are biased, they wrote the software!

So what are the defects?

What are the pitfalls, the problems that you will have to over come with the product, or the add on modules you will have to buy once you purchase their product?

What is the difference between basic and advanced?

As I build out my web site I will be reviewing different products, check back here often or when you are considering a purchase for a review.

I will try to do the latest and greatest but there are still some pretty good software packages that are being produced that meet or exceed the latest and greatest (and sometimes they are a lot cheaper!) 

Computer Software Reviews for:

Symantec Norton's Anti Virus program Symantec Anti Virus  
Grissoft Anti Virus program AVG Anti Virus    
Symantec Ghost a drive imaging program Symantec Ghost  
Build an Emergency Repair CD to your specifications! BartPE software review 
Drive Imaging Programs three of the most popular Drive Imaging Programs
Winintel Emergency Repair Disk, a way to start a dead system ERD Commander      
QuickBooks Pro 2011 QuickBooks Pro 2011
A Really Simple Syndication news reader RSS Reader   
A easy and cheap way to speed up your computer. RAM Drive   
Web position ranking software Advance Web Ranking
Web site Search Engine optimization software IBP & ARELIS 
Virtual computers are excellent tools for testing and experimenting with. Virtual Computers
Watch TV on your computer Watch TV on your computer!  NOT!!
Dragon Naturally Speaking  (Voice to text) Dragon Naturally Speaking

How I rate software:

0-5 If I rate a program low it is because it either didn't live up to the advertised functions or there was a problem the software company either couldn't or wouldn't resolve.

6-9 If I rate a program in this range it has performed as advertised but there is either a problem with the software or the support of the software.

10 - When I rate a program this high it means that the program has exceeded expectations, that the support is the best, and there wasn't any problems incurred with other programs. This is a tough one to give because so many programs have 'bugs' with other running programs, the hardware it is installed on, or the Operating System being used.


Now that Microsoft has pushed Windows 7 / 8 / 10 on us and XP has been dropped there are some programs that will not run in Windows 7 and 8, this list is of what I have tested.

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