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Computer repair e-courses, related tutorials to help you understand the computing environment you use.

Free DIY Computer Repairs email modules (you could consider them tutorials for the given subject) right to your inbox, not on line, no traveling, no attending classes, just open and read, anytime, anywhere.

These services have been discontinued do to lack of funds, please bookmark this page it may return in the near future...    :(

Looking for Free DIY Computer Repairs E Tutorials? You have came to the right web site!

Note: I had a subscriber for some of these  free computer repair e-courses tell me he received a virus in one of them. No so! My email service provider scans every email prior to sending for viruses and malware. He also said that he has seen a couple of these topics on a torrent for download. Wrong again, these are individually tailored email courses and are not available anywhere except here.

Computer repair e-courses written in everyday English, I endeavor to remove or translate the techie or geek jargon to help you understand the topic making it a more enjoyable experience.

Discover what you are missing in your computing environment, use a virtual computer to test, use a virtual cd or dvd drive to watch a movie at ten or more times the speed of a mechanical optical drive, and much, much more...

Free Computer Repair E-Courses - Need to learn more about certian topics? I have written five Free Computer Repair E-Courses that will help you understand your computing environment.These free DIY Computer Repairs E Tutorials are for all levels of experience.

An old saying: "Be prepared for the worst, hope for the best"

Now that is ok if you are an IT Pro or a super geek but normal everyday computer owners who DIY have a hard time wading through the techie / geek we see more of everyday.

If you are a novice or are a professional the computer repair e-courses modules presented here will help you better understand what is going on under the cover of your computer. These computer repair e-courses are orientated towards the Microsoft Windows environment. The hardware techniques will apply to any computer because hardware such as memory, hard drives, and processors all function the same regardless of the computer or part manufacture.

When your computer BSOD's (see geek - Blue Screen Of Death) or has a Stop error... What do you do?

  • Call a tech and wait till they come to fix your computer?
  • Disconnect all the cables load it in your car and take it a repair shop, then wait for days sometimes weeks to get you computer back?
  • Or do you search for a solution only to find that the solution is either beyond your knowledge or you don't have the tools you need to apply the solution.

One of you best IT Tool Box items is called an Emergency Repair Disk (ERD).

You can make the Microsoft generic Emergency Repair Disc (ERD) with the Backup program on your computer if you have a CD / DVD burner (that is correct, CD or DVD only not a flash drive).

But what if you want more tools that the four or five MS thinks you need and on a USB Flash Drive? The you need a customized Emergency Repair Disk.

But wait there's more!

You can make your own custom Emergency Repair Disk e-course! My custom made ERD, you can have one also, make it yourslf... or?

If you don't want to wade through hundreds if not thousands of geek, techie, or programmer web sites looking for the programs you need to make your own personalized ERD then read through hundreds of forum posts trying to figure out how to use those programs I have a deal for you:

An Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) e-course that shows you what you need and where to get the tools to make your ERD the way you want it to be not some skyscraper geek's idea of what a computer owner needs to fix their computer problems.

Rewad to the right of the arrow... Copyright 2006 For the custom Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) computer repair e-courses sign up here: ERD four part ecourse.

Rewad to the right of the arrow... Copyright 2006 Windows Seven, Eight, TEN is now available for sale or comes with any new computer, vendors are selling it or installing it on their new computers. Get a jump on what Windows 7/8/10 are and what it will do for your with my Free Windows 7 e-course (Applies to Windows Vista and Windows 8/10)

Rewad to the right of the arrow... Copyright 2006 General questions and answers are in this Free Five part E-Tutorial:

I have written a Five Part E-tutorial on keeping your computer healthy, subjects from 'Why my hard drive shows 10 Gig of space when it really is a 300 Gig drive' to 'Why doesn't my computer BIOS retain the settings?'

Rewad to the right of the arrow... Copyright 2006 Free Advanced techniques involving the registry and the security files for the Microsoft Windows environment are in this Free Seven Part Advanced E-Tutorials:

Tip -

These Free Computer Email modules are designed to be delivered every one or two days, if you want one to arrive in your email box every day then sign up for one today and the come back and sign up for another one tomorrow. Once you have finished an e-tutorial come back and repeat the sign up for the next two.

This module is designed to help you repair,
to understand such things as registry modifications, registry problems, and tips on making your computer faster.

Rewad to the right of the arrow... Copyright 2006 Free Six Part Advanced E-Tutorial on Overclocking your computer. What you can expect, what the dangers of overclocking are, and how to keep the processor and motherboard from failing if you do decide to overclock your computer.

There are different reasons for overclocking your processor and memory. For example you are in a test environment and need to know the maximum that your product will produce before failure. Or you are the type that has to push your equipment to the maximum. Maybe you are like me and are always one or two steps behind the latest and greatest and want the benefit of the latest and greatest. Or you have economic reasons for not upgrading and go the route of overclocking.Speedfan will help you keep a close watch on you processor and case tempatures.

Rewad to the right of the arrow... Copyright 2006 Free Seven Part Virtual Computing eCourses

Cyberspace is a wonderful place, but do you really know what it is and why you can benefit from using virtual 'reality' to it's fullest?

These computer repair e-courses are about the use and how to employ virtual computing in your everyday activities, such as working with others, shopping on line, working from remote locations, saving your music cd's from damage, watching a movie on an commercial airline that is on your laptop, experimenting with a new Operating System with out buying another computer.

Other things that may interest you:

In addition to the email modules you may have a hardware question or a

Tip -

Once you have completed the e-tutorial you can leave your name on my list for specials and other things I send out periodically or you can cancel your subscription to my free service.

Continuing your subscription would be beneficial to you...

computer repair experience you would like to share with others, stop by the forum to tell us what is really on your mind and see what others are saying, there are:

Rewad to the right of the arrow... Copyright 2006 Hardware Questions and Answers

We are all very busy and we don't want our email in box to fill up with spam. However I would like to encourage you to signup for my FREE newsletter, you will receive a free gift of two of my most popular guides for laptops and the 'How To...' series. Sign up and receive the monthly newsletter that is always intriguing, full of insights about computing.


Rewad to the right of the arrow... Copyright 2006 Fix It! Newsletter


If you are considering a career in computer repair have a look at this page, there you will find a series of articles on the steps you will need to take to get to your desired goal here: Advanced Computer Repair Techniques

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Do you need a checklist to help with your problem?
bullet Computer Repair Eight Part Checklist
bullet Installing New Hardware Checklist
(If you decided to not signup for an ecourse, download this gem, it will save you a lot of time!)
bullet Creating an Image of the Boot Partition Checklist
(Another gem that should be in your IT Tool Box!)

Note: These checklists open in a new window, they are PDF format, just save them to your hard drive for future reference.

In addition to my web site I have written E-Books, Books, Checklists, and Email modules.

Emergency Repair
isk (ERD) - Will Yours Work?

Repair Disk

Custom made for you...

You keyboard isn't thirsty, and it doesn't need calcium. Milk and other liquids will ruin a keyaboard!

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Please chip in $5 to keep it live...

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