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Greetings, Do You Need To Fix Your Computer? Use this Free Computer Repair E-Course ...

Need to learn more about certian topics? I have written five e-courses that will help you understand your computing environment.I have written a Five Part free Computer Repair E-Course on keeping your computer healthy, subjects from 'Why my hard drive shows 10 Gig of space when it really is a 300 Gig drive' to 'Why doesn't my computer BIOS retain the settings?'

Well I think you have came to the right place. Here are some questions I have had asked of me through my support page:

1) Intermittent wireless connections with wireless router.

You are getting a weak signal to and from the router, you need to move the router to a new location with less obstacles or add a signal booster to the router, more information on setting up routers here.

This service has been discontinued do to lack of funds, please bookmark this page it may return in the near future...    :(

2) I just want to make bootable windows XP usb device.

To make a bootable usb device is not complicated but you need a special program to write the boot sector to the usb device, you can find the instructions here.

3) My wife's computer takes at least 20 minuets to shut down. It stop's on windows is shutting down.

To get your computer back to the original shut down time you need to clean out the extraneous programs that are running in the background, the instructions for doing this is located here.

4) I've been using McAfee "Total Protection" for a while, but it seems to slow down my computer. I just installed it on a 2nd newer computer and am having the same problem. So now I'm looking for a solution's or some other programs besides McAfee or Norton.

I have found that the 'Do it all' or 'Jack of All, but Master of None' anti-virus, anti-trojan, anti-spyware, and firewall programs add so much overhead to your computer operating in the background that they use up valuable memory and CPU time, the easy way out is to remove them and install individual programs that use up a fraction of the memory and CPU time even though they are running all the time you can find more information on the 'how to' here.

Sign up for my Free eCourse to get more answers.

Note -

I have found that e learning courses are now beginning to make sense considering that more people need diverse information and not specific information. With the speed of internet connection improving all the time you now have e learning courses at your fingertips and at a reasonable speed. See this page for more free e learning courses.

Find this and more on thr Free Computer Repair E-Course. One of the best ways to make a bootable USB Pen Drive is with the WinToFlash program, read the instrutions, you can wipe a drive whit this tool!


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