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All our computer repair e-books for your DIY Computer Repairs
Books, eBooks,
and Checklists in one place ...

Tired of Googling every time you computer fails?
- or -
Tired of paying every time you computer fails?

For troubleshooting, repairing, upgrading, or maintaining all the computers in
your home or business - desktop, laptop, netbook, or server.
Start with our e-books ...

Imagine - Do It Yourself manuals on home computer repair for the Novice DIYer, Hobbyist DIYer, Part time DIYer, or Pro DIYer ... By a DIYer!

Don't be left with a dead computer or a large repair bill...

Just open the manual to the section you need, read the instructions, and note the Safety aspect of your problem then fix it.

View a free sample of all our books on home computer repair by DIY Computer Repairs, in PDF format. It contains all our computer repair e-books with one chapter and a page or two from each chapter. Download the free sample computer repair e-books. (Best viewed with Adobe reader...)

Because if computers are a major factor in your life clearly you cannot afford to not have these computer repair e-books...

Get your ebooks by instant download directly after payment, begin repairing immediately.

The list of "do it yourself PC repair" ebooks - all books on home computer repair- get yours before you need it!

PDF of Extraordinary Value! Do You WANT Free Computer Repair?
The only DIY PC Repair e-book to be published in the last two years!

Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition PDF -
instant ebooks download

Need to save money? What about time?

More pages of excellent technical advice translated from Geek / Techie to everyday English.

For all DIYers ...

Over 440 pages of invaluable information, 300 illustrations, for Desktops, Laptops, and Netbooks! Plus two (2) appendix manuals.

Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition on CD

Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition Hard Copy Out of stock!


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You can have your own custom erd, but you have to make it...

You can make your own custom Emergency Repair Disk, this short e-course will show you how it is done, nothing to download.

What is the most valuable and used tool a computer repair tech has?

An Emergency Repair Disk (ERD)...

This isn't an e-book or a book, it is a tool you need in your IT Tool Box (it could be your IT Tool Box) a customized  ERD

"Is it better to have it and not need it or better to not have it and then need it really bad?"

Fantastic Value!

New! January, 2017...

All Ebooks & 12 Videos DVD, all my e-books on one DVD, a $700+ value for only $147!

Limited time offer...
Don't miss out on this!


The Complete Library  (Updated!)

All of Our computer repair e-books on one DVD!  Updated 2nd Edition Ver 2.1 ...

Including -

  • Five e-courses
  • Two mini guides for faster access to information.
  • 41 Task specific checklists
  • All in the PDF format.
  • 12 Videos (NEW!)
  • And much, much more!

Manuals to Repair, build, upgrade, or maintain your computer.

PDF an
Unique Value!
25 smaller publications called Checklists and Guides, each one is printable 41 DIY Computer Repair Checklists and Guides instant ebooks download

There are a lot of individual repairs you can do with these 41 checklists and guides. They are small enough to print and put into a binder for fast access when you need to do a repair. PDF format, easy to print.

Companion single task booklets for the Self Computer Repair Unleashed manual

With a checklist or guide the task you need to do on your PC is explained in easy 1-2-3 steps not as verbose as the computer repair e-books above.

Terrific Value! A server has the capability of increasing the security of your network.  

DIY Build a Server PDF - instant ebooks download

Build A Server Hard Copy Book Out of stock!

A server has the capability of increasing the security of your network.

Need to share files, a printer, and/or applications?

Need to have a single log on to accomplish your goals?

Build and maintain your server with this e-book or the hard copy book!

Great Value! Microsoft- Windows Seven, are you up to speed?  

Windows 7 Ultimate  PDF - instant ebook download

A new operating System by Microsoft- Windows Seven, are you up to speed?

Discover the differences from older Operating Systems.

Why did Microsoft leave so many open doors for hackers? Fix them with the additional tables provided only in this fine e-book.

Discover why this Operating System Has to be backed up! PDF format

Best Value! If you build your own computer you can select the components,  

DIY Build a Custom PC PDF - instant ebooks download

Build A Custom PC Hard Copy Book  Out of stock!

If you build your own computer you can select the components, the savings in labor alone is hundreds of dollars!

The savings on labor means you can afford to buy higher quality parts.

Higher quality means your computer will last longer.

Best Value! By doing the upgrade yourself you can take the cost of labor and buy higher quality components!  

DIY Upgrade your Computer  PDF - instant ebook download

Anyone can upgrade their computer, this book will show you how.

By doing the PC upgrade yourself you can take the cost of labor and buy higher quality components!

Notes about this web site and these fine repair guides...

Question for you: Did your last repair solution come with a guarantee?

Probably not...    These DO!

Clearly the main reason for do it yourself PC repair is to save, save time and money, with these guides you will do both.

Is it foolish to spend hours searching for a solution when you can open a guide and have it, step by step translated, no geek...

To repair a computer you need tools, not just hand tools or software tools, the most important tool is the information (even technicians need tech data!) you need to accomplish your repair in a timely, safe, and cost effective manner. Those tools are books or computer repair e-books!

I've put as much as I can here on my website for home computer repair because I believe that people can fix their own computers without "geek" assistance. After running this site for a while  a lot of people started emailing me wanting more information.

They wanted more comprehensive detail and more in-depth information than could ever fit on this website. They also wanted it in a format that didn't require a working computer - after all, if your computer is down, having the how-to book stored on the computer won't help much. So I offer my DIY Computer Repair publications as hard copy wire bound books also.

I consider my manuals on computer repair under priced for the value that you receive when you purchase them. They are all more informative than any other book on their respective subject as a matter of fact the Server book is the only one of its kind on the market today.

I have two new products that would be of special interest to you in my DIY Computer Repair e-books:

The second edition of the Self Computer Repair Unleashed with more information and illustrations and my special set of Checklists and Guides (I am especially proud of those, no one else has anything close to them for your  everyday repairs!)

I've tried to pack a lot of what I know into these books on computer repair and to make it easily accessible to anyone...

All these repair computer repair e-books  are Guaranteed to help you  OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

The Hard Copy books come with free Digital computer repair e-books (PDF format) as my special gift to you.  (See instructions on purchase page.)

Update: In August of 2012 I went on a search for Do It Yourself Computer Repair for how to repair computers as an  e-book to see what the internet offered. I was very surprised to find that the last e-book that was published for you was mine in 2010! That was over four years ago! And technology has moved forward since then.

09/04/14 - After a search for PC repair books I only found one that was not geek orientated that you might use to repair your computer and it was published in 2011.

Note: We do not accept checks, wire transfers, or money orders!

DIY Computer Repairs computer repair e-books Guarantee:

I am so confident that you will not have any unanswered questions after buying any of these books that I will put a link to my support page here with my DIY Computer Repairs 30 Day, 100 Percent, Money Back Guarantee: 60 Day, 100 Percent, Money Back Guarantee

"In case you do not use this product to repair your computer, there's a 100% money back guarantee."

Here's a message from the author, Monte Russell, about your guarantee:

"I know my knowledge and experience can help you, but if for some reason you don't find this e-book helpful, I offer an unconditional, no-questions-asked, total refund within 30/60 days of purchase. Simply follow the client service notice on your invoice to get your money back in full."

Monte Russell

All major credit cards accepted

The owner and author of DIY Computer Repairs

Hello. I'm Monte Russell, owner of DIY Computer Repairs

I'm not a salesman, I'm a RETIRED computer repair technician.

With a degree in Computer Engineering, Microsoft certifications, multiple hardware certifications, and years of experience, I still find most computer repair jobs are simple tasks my clients could have done themselves if someone had just given them an ABC process and step by step instructions. After my years in this field, I can safely assure you that you can perform most computer repair jobs yourself.

There are not many repair jobs out there that take a degree in Computer or Electronics Engineering. Because I was tired of seeing people get ripped off, I decided to write an e-book in a simple format using plain, everyday language with all the terms explained clearly to show how easy most of this stuff really is.

I finally had enough. Some computer technicians might loathe me for cutting off their easy pay, but any ethical computer repair geek wishes you had this book as much as you wish for lower computer repair bills. It saves everybody time, money and frustration.

Monte Russell
Owner - DIY Computer Repair
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The Pro's and Con's of DIY Error processing SSI file

Have you considered your cost/time vs. repair shop cost/time? Error processing SSI file

"We charge $105 per hour plus parts. If you are out of our service area we have trip charge of one hour!"

The cost of one repair should motivate anyone to discover how to DIY!

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Consider the time it takes a "repair tech" to fix your PC...

Wouldn't you think two or three days a little excessive to wait for a "repair tech" to get around to your computer?


When you have the tools you can troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, or maintain your computer at a fraction of the cost a repair shop would charge.


Why wait on a tech to arrive to fix your PC when you can do it yourself?


The time you save with these fine documents is invaluable.


You may not think so but to get the information in any one of these documents would take you years to find if you are searching for the "free" solution when you need to repair your computer...





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