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Computer Information - Did you know there are "Billions" (capital "B")  of computer web sites? But how many are actually for DIY Computer Repairs that are written for the everyday computer owner?

Computer Information makes the world go 'round. That is why you are reading these pages.Computer Information - Build a custom pc! You seek an answer to a problem or question.

When you are looking for a description or explanation of what a device is or does do you use w i k i p e d i a?

When you read the article there then go back in a couple of weeks or a month or so later did you notice that the facts have changed? The reason is the web site is "open source" and if someone doesn't like the way the article is worded or written they can change it. A poor way to present a non biased opinion wouldn't you think?

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The information presented here is only changed if I find a fact that is wrong or the maybe the grammar/spelling (oopppssss)  is wrong; otherwise these articles will remain the same as the day I put them here because the information does not change, the devices may or the drivers but not the information.

I have compiled some of the computer knowledge I have gleaned over the last twenty-five years or so and present it for you.

Index to Computer Information pages

Introduction To DIY Computer Repairs Just starting to DIY Computer Repairs?
Facts for Audio devices Audio devices
Processor Affinity Affinity? What is it?
Batch files why do you need them? Batch Files?
Can't find the 'Any Key'? Any Key  [Humor]
Learn about computer parts Computer Components Main
Computer accessory parts or peripherals Computer Components Accessories
What is a BIOS Anyway? Why do I need it?
Do I care
BIOS. What is it? What does it do?
Information about Cases Cases
Facts about CPU's or Processors CPU's or Processors
Glossary of Terms and definitions Glossary of terms
Glossary of Terms and definitions page 2 Glossary of terms Page 2
Information for Keyboards and your Mouse Keyboards and your Mouse
Mini Computers are making a come back, is one in your future? Mini Computers
Facts about Motherboards Motherboards
Information about Memory Memory
Facts about modems Modems
Information about Networks Networking
How do you Network your house? Networks Page 2
Considerations for wired or wireless networking Networking: Wired or Wireless
Types of network connectivity Network connectivity
Network signals Wired or Wireless?
External security for your network Firewall
Facts about Paging file or Memory dump file... Paging file or Memory dump file?
Information about Power supplies Power supplies
Want to keep a virus from stealing your data? Information about Proxy Server/services
Facts about Solar Power Solar Power for Backup Power when the power is out?
Information about Storage Storage
Facts about USB USB
Information about Video Video
Facts about Virtual Drives Virtual Drives
Information about Virus Virus
What is a VPN - Virtual Personal Network? VPN - Virtual Personal Network
Senior Citizen? Build your own computer.... Senior Citizen
Opinion Are We Doomed?
Reviews! Hardware Reviews
Software Reviews
My other pages of interest: Trouble shooting!
Make a bootable floppy, cd, or USB Pen/Flash drive
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Make an image of your hard drive for recovery purposes!

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