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Learn about computer parts as individual components

Why learn about computer parts? Changing the wrong part is expensive and time consuming...

DIY Computer Repairs isn't hard, this web site takes the jargon out of the discussion as much as possible but if you can't identify the broken or failed device (tech jargon for part) then how are you going to fix your computer? Some of these images are not new  but will suffice to give you a visual representation of the things inside your computer.

To learn about computer parts you need to be able to identify each one, here is a pictorial view of the components that make up your computer:

Main components -

The images were removed because they will not display on your device. Check back on a PC....
Computer Case PC Motherboard  Memory Module
Fancy computer case, note the side panel is hinged for easy accessl. An ATX motherboard... DDR 133MHz memory module, also known as DIMM.
You need something to put all your computer components (parts) in. There are normally three bays for the different parts. With out the motherboard or main board there wouldn't be a computer, it is the heart of the PC. The memory or RAM stores data temporarily while being read or manipulated by the processor.
Processor Processor Cooling Fan & Heat Sink PC Power Supply
You will need a lot of cooling for this processor... A heat sink with the fan on top, for the Core 2 processor. A PC power supply.
The processor is the brain of the PC, it reads, then manipulates the data, sometimes changing the data then sends it out to either be saved to the mass storage or displayed on the monitor or both. The heat sink draws away excessive heat from the processor, the fan transfers that heat into the case where other fans extract it. The power supply converts commercial or battery power for use by the motherboard and devices.
Internal Hard Drive Floppy Drive CD / DVD ROM / Blu Ray Drive
A mechanical hard drive. A 1.44 Mega Bit floppy drive. Optical drives now have a 50 Giga Bit storage capacity.
Mass storage (hard drive), this is a mechanical storage device. Almost extinct as the dinosaur but still useful, if you have one. Optical drives increase in capacity about every ten years, the Blu Ray drive is now at 50 Giga Bites of storage.
Keyboard and Mouse Video Card Audio or Sound Card
Keyboard and pointing device (mouse) wired or wireless. The video card or device (embedded). Audio or Sound Card (or embedded device).
You can navigate your desktop with out a mouse but you can't type your document with out a keyboard. The video card or device has came a long way, from mono chrome to hundreds of millions of colors. A nice Audio card or device with a quality set of stereo speakers are a lot better than the little computer speaker.
Network Card External Hard Drive Monitor
Network Card External storage for more capacity and mobility. Monitor, you can have more than one...
With out the network card (wired or wireless) you would not have a connection to the internet. External mass storage, this enclosure has a mechanical hard drive installed. A flat screen LCD monitor, more robust than the Plasma screen.
Solid State Drive (SSD)    
Pure memory, no mechanics involved with a Solid State Drive (also know as a SSD!)    
This drive is all memory, not mechanical, the capacity has passed 1 Tetra Bit of storage, the cost however may be prohibitive.    

A note about Computer Components : These are the main components in a computer, not listed or shown are special add on cards such as the hybrid storage with both SSD and mechanical hard drive or all the different cables you need to connect these devices to the motherboard.

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