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Computer Accessory parts - peripherals

Accessory parts or peripherals add functionality to your computer and computing experience.

Here are some of the peripherals that you can add to your computer to make it more flexible, secure, or protect it -

The images were removed because they will not display on your device. Check back on a PC....
Speakers  Head Set    Dial-up Modem
External speakers in stero... A good head set will allow you to communicate as well as listen... Althoug "old school" dial up modems are the only way to connect to the internet in some locations...
Enhance your enjoyment with a nice set of external speakers, maybe with an amplifier audio card and have sound sound! Use a head set when you need privacy or the noise level drowns out those speakers... A dial up modem, in some areas this is the only way you can connect to the internet.
USB Hub Joy Stick Wireless Router/Firewall
A powered USB 2.0 hub with 10 ports. This game controler or joy stick will enhance your flight game... Wireless modem with router and firewall...
A ten port USB 2.0 powered hub, great for those computers that only have a few ports. A joy stick or game controller for games, flying an aircraft simulation with the arrow keys on the keyboard will cause you to crash. A little old but still works, this is a Linksys router with a built in wireless access point.
Surge Protector USB Flash Drive  Web Cam
NOT a power strip! Cheap insurance. USB Flash Drive Web Cam
You can pay about 10 USD for a power strip but this insurance will only cost you about 5 USD more. Pen or Flash drive, carry your IT Toolbox in your pocket. Web cams are very convent, call and view the person you are talking to.
Tape Drive A network switch  
Tape Drive A 8 port RJ45 100 MBPS switch, this is NOT a router!  
This tape drive can backup your data, however there are less costly ways to do a backup. This is a hub or switch, it is not a cable / DSL modem. This device will allow you to expand your network by adding more connections.  

You really don't need any of these for everyday computing, however they do add functionality to your computer and if you need to go online to converse with co-workers, friends, of family then the web cam would be very useful. Depending on your computing needs the only one that is necessary would be the surge protector after all it is the cheapest insurance you can buy.

A note about Computer Components Accessory Parts: Some of these images are a little dated because they were bought and uploaded in 2006, more new images coming soon...

Not much to say about these peripherals other than some are now available in the USB 3.0 format, one thing that has caught my attention is the SSD that has a USB port also.

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