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Setting up your computer case and installing the power supply.

Computer cases come in different sizes and believe it or not shapes.

It will come in a fairly large box, in side the case will be a smaller box that has the accessories, screws, and slot covers.A plain computer case is always the cheapest.

Caution: Some may cost a lot of money but the manufacture may have cut cost corners by not smoothing the edges of the metal. This is called de-burring, if the edges are sharp not rounded then they are as sharp as a razor blade and will cut deep in to the unwary hand reaching inside the case. When I come across such cases I use masking tape on the edges where I have to reach inside the case.

The power supply will come with a power cord, sometimes a fan grill and some screws. For the most part all screws will come with the case accessories. If the case is partially assembled there should be a manual with instructions for the assembly of any parts that are in the box. The manual should have instructions for connecting the external power switch, any LED (Light Emitting Diode) indicators on the exterior of the case, and any other external connections not on the motherboard (such as a front panel for audio and USB connections).

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Put your new case in an area where you can move it around, open the side panel(s). Take out the accessories box, have a look through the box. Some cases have the power, led indicators, and USB ports on the front of the case already installed. Others you have to install them (remember that labor is the largest cost of a product, yours is free!).

If you have any assembly to do such as the led, USB, or power switch do them now. It is easier to do these tasks when the case is empty.

  • If you ordered any extra fans now is the time to mount those also.
  • If you ordered a higher wattage power supply you can put the power supply in the case.
  • When you route the power cables try to keep them bunched together as much as possible andCustom computer cases have more plastic covers. away from any sharp edges. If you have cable ties, tie them to ledges to keep the air flow in the case as undisturbed as possible.
  • Some cases have a piece of metal partially "punched out" for openings where accessories and additional cards go, you have to bend the metal back and forth to break the "tab" that is holding the metal blank in place, use care theses blanks usually have very sharp edges.

Most cases are engineer to maximize air flow, that is fresh air comes in one area and hot air exits from another area. The air flow should be smooth and not interrupted by objects. If you add cards and / or devices to the computer and it starts to overheat (you will know when it either starts beeping or shuts down unexpectedly) adding a fan will change the air flow pattern, sometimes a small fan is all it takes to change the air flow around obstacles you have added.

Now that was easy, next step in your building a custom PC is installing the the motherboard in the computer case...

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Setting up your computer case and installing the power supply

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