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HotCoat Powder Coat Your Computer Case!

Powder Coat - Fine for metal of the computer case but what about the plastic?

Don't spray paint, HotCoat or Powder Coat your computer case!

I have found a new idea, actually a friend is my source. He has a nice case that he wanted to repaint. The old IBM beige color is passe' so he went out and bought a HotCoat Powder Coating kit. With a little work and a couple of hours he had the old one with a new color and was extremely satisfied with the project. The only draw back to Powder Coat is that the parts have to withstand 400* Fahrenheit, so no plastic parts can be painted.

The procedure isn't for everyone, the cost of the gun and paint are about the same as a new case, but hey! what if you like your old case or a new case doesn't come in the color or colors that match your drapes? Well DIY and HotCoat Powder Coating may be your answer! This product will save you some money!  Hot Coat Airless Powder coating Gun

The procedure:

As with any painting job the results are in the prep of the end product. It is more important to do a correct prep with Powder Coat. Any residue either grease, oil, or dirt will cause the paint to bubble or not adhere to the area that retains the foreign material.

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Step 1:

Disassemble the case, if you are only doing the case cover it should be all metal, remove any plastic or rubber parts. You will have to remove all the old paint from the case down to bare metal. You will have to use a chemical to completely degrease the case. No residue of any kind. Any grease, oil, or dirt will cause the paint to either bubble or flake off, you can use this to clean the metal look for EW Pre Painting Prep Aerosol 11oz

Step 2:

Apply the paint, using the kit you can complete this section in less that 10 minutes, unlike conventional paint, power coat will not run.

Step 3:

Bake the part at 400* in an electric oven for the specified time. Once the baking is complete, let the part cool. When the part has cooled you have your new cover.

You can find matching colors in aerosol to paint your plastic parts, be aware that the EW Pre Painting Prep may damage some plastic parts. Read all the instructions, test on a part that is not visible before using the Pre Painting Prep.

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