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Building a Custom PC Introduction

Building a Custom PC Introduction - This is not a "How To..." guide, it is a step by step process of what you need to do before you start to assemble your new computer...

Have you have decided that your computer is not upgradeable or you just want a new computer? I can understand that, I have had the same case for over fourteen years.

This is a series of eight articles about Building a Custom Computer. This series does not take in to account the skill level of the person doing the actual work, it is intended to be a guide on what needs to be done not a guide to learn about computer parts or the actual HOW TO DO THE BUILD*.

When building a custom PC, I start with a list of things I want to accomplish with the build such as:What is the hardest part of building a custom PC? Getting Started!

  1. The latest and greatest processor and associated heat sink & fan.
  2. The maximum amount of ram the OS will support.
  3. Two hard drives (one for the OS, the other for data).
  4. DVD drive (Do you need a DVD burner also?).
  5. Sound card - or use the embedded on the motherboard?
  6. Video card - or use the embedded on the motherboard?
  7. Extra fans, liquid cooling?
  8. Will you be doing any thing like overclocking the memory and/or processor? (Increase your cooling more).
  9. Power Supply - don't go cheap with this, a high quality power supply with more wattage than you can use at the time of the build is a good idea, if the power requirements are say 600 watts then an 750 or 800 watt PS will give you power when you upgrade. (Don't forget that the newer video and sound cards need an additional power connection from the power supply).
  10. Motherboard, using the spec's above find a motherboard that does the things you need. (slots for sound, memory slots, video, add on cards).
  11. Case - this one is the toughest, there are thousands of different case styles, you can get a 1990's plain case or you can get one with Plexiglas to see the inside of your computer with neon lights (remember those led's draw power to light up!).

Don't forget to look at your upgrade path, that is will the motherboard support upgrading processor and memory beyond what you are going to use, such as if it is a Core 2 motherboard it will not support the new i series processor. Always try to stay in the current processor even if you are looking at the low end processor then if you want to upgrade the option is there with out buying a new motherboard.

That is quite a list, and I haven't added on the mouse/keyboard or any other peripherals like a joy stick, monitor, or maybe a super mega pixel web cam!

The image, table, or PDF was removed because it will not display on your device. Check back on a PC....
By doing the work you can build a computer that would cost $1200 to $2500 for under $700, that is over 50% savings... The last custom computer I built was for my wife, it cost around $700 with out mouse/keyboard and monitor (I used that build to write my *Building a Custom PC guide. The book gives you step by step instructions for doing the hardware build along with the installation of the Operating System and security of your data).

Do your research, remember that a web site that has reviews and only the good reviews is one you want to stay away from. The last time I looked at if you bought over a certain amount the shipping was free.

With computers you can also use the smaller condensed "Check list" to accomplish a single repair task.If you have wondered why there aren't any prices listed it is because by the time you read this the cost of parts will have changed, it maybe cheaper or more costly to Build A Custom PC ...

Bookmark this page, once you have all your parts you will want to begin the assembly of your new computer.

These articles will help you to keep from spending too much money or time on your new computer.


Now that you have all your parts the first step is:    Setting up your computer case
There some things you need to do with this step:    Motherboard Install
Now you can put in all the goodies:    Time to finish installing the hardware!
Be sure to read the instructions I provide:    Install the Operating System
In today's computing environment security is a must:    Making your computer and data secure
Even a new computer can be faster:    Why Optimize Your Operating System?
Can you say "Be Prepared?"   Why Backup The Operating System Partition?
My "Upgrade from XP to Windows 10"  Custom Computer Build

The main reason for building your own PC is saving money, the more you save on the labor the higher quality parts you can invest in.

The higher quality of the part will insure that Building a Custom PC will last longer...


All over this web site you will see this: "Buy cheap, Get cheap..." and cheap normally means buying the part again...

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