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How to create a Bootable CD-DVD

Need a bootable CD-DVD for your It Tool Box?

You have seen them, your installation cd will start your computer. So how do you make a custom one to start your computer?

(Note: read the entire procedure before you start!)

Create a  Bootable CD-DVD instructions:

Well you need to have some items besides the blank cd/dvd.
        1. A CD or DVD drive that will write to a blank disk
A software program that will create bootable disks
        3. A bootable floppy (or a bootable virtual floppy...) with the files you want to have on the boot section of the CD/DVD

"Ok, I have all the materials what next?"

Now the files are saved on the floppy. Start your CD\DVD writing program, put your disk in the drive. You may have to use the help file for the software program to find the correct procedure to create your boot CD/DVD. (Because this is a new process for you I would suggest you get a
ReWritable CD/DVD, if you make a mistake you can erase it and start again!)

Note: With Vista and newer Operating Systems (Windows 7 and 8 also) the older file systems on bootable disks such as ERD Commander and BartPE bootable CD will corrupt the file system if used. This is due to the way the newer file systems work, you stand a large chance of corrupting a drive if you do any file maintenance with an older file system. Thus creating more problems than you will fix. You need a newer ERD to keep this from happening. Not only can you add the programs you need you can set the background to your own image...

Do you know how to make a custom Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) for yourself? Check this out.

This is how Roxio makes a bootable CD-DVD:

Under File, select New Project then Bootable Disk, you will need a blank CD/DVD and a bootable floppy.

Insert the cd and floppy.
Select - Bootable Disk, at this point you will chose the type of boot disk type.
Select - Floppy Disk Emulation (1.44 MB),
Select - Generate Image from Floppy
(my version allows you to save the bootimg.bin file for creating a bootable cd in the future.)

If your computer does not have a physical floppy drive you will need to use a computer with a floppy drive or use a virtual floppy drive as explained here.

You will find more information on bootable CD/DVD's in the Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition E-BookSelf Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition

The program will read the floppy, the next step is to burn the cd, if you have supporting files you want on the cd you can now add them under the two files that the software has created.

In case I have confused you any files that you add to the cd that are not on the floppy will show up on the drive that the CD/DVD drivers load, it could be C: or D: drive if you have not changed the drive letter designation in the Autoexec.bat file by adding this parameter to the MSCDEX.EXE line: /L:E this will make the CD/DVD drive letter E:\.

Already? Burn it!
Bootable CD-DVD - ERD Commander main screen, screen shots taken from a VM Ware virtual machine.

Now test it, nothing like making a cd then needing to use it and it has an error!

Or you could use a commercial disk like ERD Commander or and save your self a lot of work and hassle.

Emergency Repair
isk (ERD) - Will Yours Work?

Repair Disk

Custom made for you...

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