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Need a way to replace or be an IT Department?
Introducing The Build Your Server E-Book the official reference manual for servers from

What Scares You More?

Building Your Own Server,
Or The Cost Of Paying To
Have The Server Built For You?

Did you know that over 85% of the cost of a new server is how much you would pay someone to set it up?

Think about that for a moment.

Do you need a server for your business either on site or if you are self employed at home? Are you a student and need to know how to setup a server for your classes, or maybe you just want to discover the secrets of the Server world.

How much does it cost to buy the server hardware?

DIY Computer Repairs Build a Server E-Book, only  $27.00

Once it is built it has to be maintained, use this guide to help keep it running cost-effectively.

"The cost of hiring a certified Engineer to load the Operating system and all the applications will vary from $150 to $300 Per Hour depending on your location. (Most server builds are a contract to a minimum of 36 Billable Hours!)" *

Then how much for Tech support and maintenance for the Server after it is up and running?How do you know what type of server is right for your business?

So what are you going to do?

With the cost so high, how is a small business owner, student, or self employed person going to afford to have the tools they need to safe guard their data and network?

There is a solution that will save you Thousands of dollars.

This is a specialized e-book (Build Your Server) that will walk you through all the steps from planning your server and network to finding the right company to install the network wiring (if you don't already have it installed) to finding the right equipment for your size business to the actual building of the hardware then loading the Operating System.

DIY! That is Do It Yourself, Build Your Server. That is how I learned, that is the process I used to get my MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification. (It wasn't easy, hours searching the internet, the books I bought cost me over $1000!) And the courses I took for the hardware certifications was time well spent but you are not looking for a MCSE and hardware certifications, are you?

Order your Build Your Server e-book here

What is in the Build Your Server e-book?

  • It will step you though the process for the required research.

  • This is an involved process this book will take you through each step and explain why you should accomplish each step.

  • From planning your network, researching the hardware, to installing the hardware.

  • Once the hardware is ready the process will guide you through installing the Server Operating System.

  • Assist you with Optimizing the Server for the maximum performance. When you think of a server do you think of a desktop or a rack full of them?

  • Then the process will walk you through creating your domain from how to search for the 'just right' domain name to setting up Active Directory.

  • When you are done you will have a chance to install applications the correct way.

  • And the last step of enhancing the security of your network.

  • After searching the internet I have not found one other book that goes into the depth that this book does.

  • You can use an existing computer for a server you do not have to buy any hardware, just follow the instructions on the setup sections of the ebook.

  • Once your server is setup and operational there will be some on going maintenance you will need to do, it is all in the book, a book that will literally save you thousands that a Tech Support company would charge you.

  • With my personal 60 day money back no questions asked Guarantee.

  • And more...
DIY Computer Repairs Build a Server E-Book, only $27.00
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What would a new server cost you if you hired someone to do it vs DIY?

Here is a list of what you can expect to pay a 'Certified Systems Engineer' vs Do It Yourself
(are you sitting down?)
Item MCSE @ $150 (low side)* Your time and cost
Network survey (Check your office/server room for feasibility and layout) 2 hours @ $150 2 hours @ FREE!
Hardware purchase/setup 8 hours @ $150 8 hours @ FREE!
Installing Operating System 2 hours @ $150 2 hours @ FREE!
Installing Applications 2-6 hours @ $150 2-6 hours @ FREE!
Setting up a Domain and users 4 hours @ $150 4 hours @ FREE!
Setting up shares (file and printing) 2-4 hours @ $150 2-4 hours @ FREE!
Adding workstations to domain 2-6 hours @ $150 2-6 hours @ FREE!
Locking down the server 2-4 hours @ $150 2-4 hours @ FREE!
Total hours/cost 24-36 hours @ $3600-$5400 24-36 hours @ FREE!

Now do you see why this Build Your Server e-book is valuable? Even if you hire someone to do the work you will know if they are on the up and up with their quote!

One of the main reasons for having a network is security.

A domain (either internal to the local network or external for your web site) will increase the security of your data by 1000%.

One thing that the MCSE course work will not teach you about is the hardware, it does tell you how to load and setup the OS and associated programs but not the hardware.

There are a lot of benefits to building and maintaining the server yourself.

  • Cost - You lower the cost of ownership at a time when everything is expensive. To hire a MCSE even under contract will run from $150-$300 Per Hour. (A server build from scratch will take a minimum of 36 Billable Hours).

  • Rack mounted servers take up very little space.
  • Security - With a Domain and a server as the Domain Controller you increase the security of not only the network with all your computers but your most valuable resource - Your DATA!

  • File and printer sharing becomes a breeze.

  • All your data and your employee's data will be in one place, increasing the security of that data.

  • The hassle of backing up the data on each individual computer will be a thing of the past - just backup the server.
Windows 7 Ultimate Guide free with each purchase of my Build A Server E-Book a $27.00 value! Bonus

Windows 7 is the new Operating System for new computers.

I am giving a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Guide  pdf free with each purchase of my Build Your Server E-Book a $27.00 value!

Read about this free e-book here.

* How do I know how much it costs to hire an MCSE under contract? When I contract out Build Your Server for a business I charge $275 per hour, 42 hours minimum on signing the contract.

Building and maintaining your own server and associated network will be thousands of dollars earned.

This Build Your Server is a  digital e-book, a pdf, not a hard copy book!

Whoa! An IT Staff in an E-book!

The price of Build Your Server E-Book is

And Windows 7 Ultimate Guide free with purchase

Instant delivery anywhere in the world with No S&H!

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This suite of E-Books do not contain schematics or diagrams of computer components.

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I have worked with and on computers for over 25 years. In that time I discovered that not all computer repairs require a trip to a repair shop or a visit from a repair tech. In fact more than 87% of all computer repairs take half an hour or less. With a MCSE, an AAS in Electronics Design Technology, and numerous certifications I can assure you that you can fix a computer!

I am so confident that you will not have any unanswered questions after buying this e-book on computer repair that I will put a link to my support page here with my DIY Computer Repairs 60 Day, 100 Percent, Money Back Guarantee: 60 Day, 100 Percent, Money Back Guarantee

In case you?re not satisfied for any reason, there?s a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee.

Here?s a message from the author, Monte, about your guarantee:

"I know my knowledge and experience can help you, but if for some reason you don?t find these Checklists and Guides helpful, I offer an unconditional, no-questions-asked, total refund within 60 days of purchase. Simply follow the client service notice on your invoice to get your money back in full.?

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