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Build a BartPE disk

Build a BartPE disk a short tutorial for the BartPE challenged...

Build a BartPE disk for your Disaster Recovery or IT Took Box.

Did you ever have one of those days... When you just couldn't make a bootable cd?

Well you aren't the only one and after messing around with it for two days I came to the conclusion that maybe other people were having problems too.

Bart has done an excellent job of making this fine tool for us. And his help files are very good. I am not knocking Bart, but it is occasionally hard to find the information on his site. So I will give him a hand because he is busy making all these great tools for us.

Before you sit down at your computer and start to build the BartPE disk you need more than the pebuilder (read note from Bart lower down). You will need:

A Windows install disk for the version of windows you are using, if it is Win2000 then the Win2000 install disk, XP will need XP.

Did you read the review for Build a BartPE disk?

By the way the older XP Operating System will not repair Vista and new Operating System failures...

Better yet make a custom Windows 7 / 8 Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) for yourself? - Check this out.

Build a BartPE disk instructions:

Now if you are in to servers then you may want to use the Server install disk. Here is a catch 22, all versions of windows are backward compatible, yes? But they are NOT forward compatible. That is to say if you build a boot cd using Win2000 you will not be able to repair any NTFS drives on say a XP, Vista or Windows 7 Operating System install.

Nope won't do it. So always try to build your boot cd with the latest version you have. That way when you go to your cousin's house to fix the computer he blew up you will have a boot cd that works, very impressive!

Next the pebuilder comes with a lot of freeware or open source programs, but because this is an open license program Bart can not install any commercial software programs in his program. To you than means if you want say Ghost on the cd you have to have a copy and license to install it on the cd. Be real and stay out of trouble please.

Ok, gathered all the different software programs you want? Have the latest and greatest install cd?

How about the pebuilder program?

Ok, lets do this: Build a BartPE disk - Here are some screen shots I made as I installed pebuilder to build a BartPE disk.

Vista and Windows 7/8 will not work to make the BartPE disk see the page Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition E-Book. on making your ERD!

The following set of images are removed because they will not display on your device. Check back on a PC....

Start with where you stored the download of the executable:

Build a BartPE disk - Locate the program you downloaded, then start it.

Then pick the place where you want the program to be installed to, the default path is c:\pebuilder3110a, I put it in the Program Files folder/

Use the default path, or change it to where you want the program to be installe to.

From here on most of the screens will be the default settings.

If you want to change the name of the folder you can do so here.


Create a desktop Icon, you can move it after the install is done.


Install the program.


All done, launch it!

Finished, launch the program.

BartsPE Builder and copyright.

You have to agree to the License.

Agree to the license.

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Now you have to find the Windows installation files, you can not use the Windows directory where the Operating System is installed on your computer, it has to be the Install CD, click the No button, then browse to the cd, all you need is the drive letter.

Finding your Windows Insallation files.

Ready to build your first boot cd, note where the ISO will be located, you can change this if needed.

Next you need to decide where to put the boot cd you will be building, I let it build it in the default location. You can change this to where ever you want.

The default path to the build files.

Accept the License for the build of the boot cd.

This is the license you need to agree to to build the boot cd, I suggest you read it.

The build in progress.

The build process.

All done, look at the last ten lines or so, any errors with the build will show up here.

When the build process completes, read the last ten lines or so looking for errors, your ISO may or may not be made

Once you have the basic boot cd built you can add on options and other programs with the 'Plugins' button. here I will add on ERD 2002. You have to have the program installed to get at the required files.

Look in the left column, do you see a plugin that is labled 'No'?

Highlight the Plugin you want to add to the build.

If you want this plugin you will have to enable it, make sure you have the files in the appropiate folder.

When you click on the Enable/Disable button you will get the following error if the files for the Plugin are not available. When you read the error you will see a list of files that the program is looking for. If you click on the 'Edit' button it will open the 'inf' file and you can see a list of files there also, makes it easier to see the names of the files and the path where the files need to be to make the Plugin work. Normally the files will be in the path of:

Name of plug in files such as the ERD 2002 Plugin:

c:\program files\pebuilder3110a\plugins\erd2002\files

I didn't read the inf and put the files in the files folder before enabling the plugin.

Once you have the files in the correct location the Plugin will be turned on and available when you build the boot cd.

Now the files are in the folder and the plugin will enable.

I want to add Ghost 8 to my boot cd, it is not in the list so I had to click on 'Add' then find the place where the Plugin will go, in addition I had to go to an install of the program on a computer and get the required files, to find what files I needed I read the 'inf' in the Ghost 8 folder.

Making the Ghost 8 plugin.

Read the 'inf'

Read the inf for the files list needed to build the plugin.

Create the Plugin.

Naming the plugin then enable it. All done.

Once the Plugin has been created then it is available when you create the boot cd.

To learn more about the Plugin process Bart has a great help page here...

Sorry; a note from Bart:

Bart's PE Builder is no longer available. We have to move on! Thanks everyone for all your support throughout the years!!!

BartPE is no longer available!

We have to move on! Thanks everyone for all your support throughout the years!!!

Now I have the basic BartPE boot cd and a customized boot cd with ERD 2002 and Ghost 8 installed. My problem is that the ERD 2002 is not forward compatible with XP, Vista, or Windows 7, it is a Win2000 program. So next I need to use Barts help page and make the Plugin for ERD 2005 the last version of the ERD Commander.

So there you have it a tutorial on the process to Building a BartPE disk and the links to his site to get the files you need. Check out the drivers page while you are there, see if there are any updated drivers for the latest and greatest hardware installed in your computer.

On the home page I mention "seven essential tools" this is one of the most important ones.



This is Freeware and if you can please donate to Bart.

Update 02-09-20 When Windows Vista then Windows 7 were released by Microsoft and the support for Windows XP was discontinued 0n 14 April 2014 Bart closed his web site. Fortunately I have found some web sites that still have his original program for download, as aslways these download should be scanned for viruses! Your alternative for Vista and newer programs is building your own ERD using the PE3 system (search for it, I am at odds with a couple of the web sites and will not give them a link...) to build your own ERD's or check this page: IT Tool Box, got yours yet?


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