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Backup, Yes! Back it UP!

IT people say: "Backup your data!" continuously. Why? Because we know how hard it is to recover from a disaster...

Back it up, it ain't that hard! Sheeessh...

Every now and then I would get a question in the old Q and A forum about how to recover a deleted, corrupt, or lost file / folder / drive.

Consider this:

If you lost a file for one of the reasons above and it has been gone for over a week (on a drive that has little activity as far as writing to the drive) you may be able to recover the file. But if the drive has a lot of activity the chances of recovering the file are zero!

That is why I say 'backup your data!' almost daily.

Suppose you have your banking and credit card data on your computer and you DO NOT have a back up of that data.

Then suppose your hard drive started making really weird loud noises ...

Ya, you just lost all that data and the time it took to put it in your financial program. And guess what (if you live in the USA) it is almost Tax Time [AGAIN!].

If you want to keep your data you should back it up on a scheduled basis, not when the urge hits you but on a regular, scheduled basis (maybe you should read this...), and to a device that is not part of your normal everyday computing environment. A separate device, heck make that two devices.

Yes, TWO, when your data is very important, back it up.

You need this in your IT Tool Box! Get yours today...

Troubleshoot, repair, maintain, upgrade & secure...

    With this!

When you buy one of my products I send a 'Thank you for buying my product' email. At the end of the email I have a couple of sentences. One says 'I will gladly replace your product one time for free, just provide the invoice from when you bought the product.'

When I replace it the first time I also put in the email a suggestion that you should back up your replacement to a separate device or burn it on a CD (if you have a CD/DVD burner).

Why do I do this? Because it is good customer service and I will not replace it a second time.

You protect your car by doing the routine maintenance like changing the oil, making sure the tires have the correct tire pressure, and all of that (don't you?) on a scheduled basis. Why can't people back up their data?

So now you are thinking - "When did I do my last back up?" Ummm, bad idea, you should know when the last back up was done.

So if you are a Windows user the "How to"  section Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition E-Book. will help you get started.

And for those that have lost a file or have a corrupt hard drive please read through the Q and A forum before posting you question on how to recover those lost files the answer is there at least four times ...

Update 02/09/20 - When this web site was www.diy-computer-repair. com it was on a hosting company (SBI) that had the capability that supported forums, however I moved then renamed this web site, at this time there is a blog - www.fix-it-blog.ne that will have a forum soon. (Still working out the bugs/program/security - it was hacked back in Nov, 2019).

Put this on your monitor- Note to Self: Do your backup!

Not kidding, it is your data.

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Before I get off the soap box: Backup your data... NOW!

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