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AVG Anti Virus Software Review

AVG Anti Virus after using this product for 20 years I am still impressed with it's performance.

When I started repairing computers for a living the word virus was for a cold, the flu, infecting your body.

Then things changed around 1987 or 88, a new threat to your well being had emerged.

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The computer virus. Bad for you, bad for business, good for criminals. To combat this growing threat there were some innovative people who saw a way to stop the threat and as always make some money.

It is a completion between the hackers/criminals and you. The Anti Virus provides the means to stop them, you provide the money one way or another.

It is unfortunate the company that writes the Operating System for your hardware will not incorporate the code to stop these hacker/criminals at the door way to your computer. So you pay one way or another. This is not why you stopped by to read this review, but I must be honest.

Between the hackers, the AV companies, and the OS companies we are being ripped off.

AVG Anti Virus by Grisoft  is a German owned and operated company.

One of the better anti virus programs available today. This product is in direct competition with Symantec. Their product will automatically update itself with out all the hassle that you have to go through with other AV programs.

I have some personal experience with the program and have seen it clean a system that Symantec could not. That is not to say that it is the overall best but it is running close to Symantec. Their virus definition files do run a little behind Symantec for updates. For the cost of the program this is a wise choice.

Quote AVG web site:

"AVG Anti Virus Professional
Providing maximum protection against viruses and potentially unwanted programs,
AVG Anti-Virus is ideal for home users and small offices. It is easy to install and use, and is light on system resources.
Purchase from and receive FREE Value Added Support such as Live Chat and Toll Free phone support.
Free 24/7 live, professional e-mail technical support from Grisoft
Real-time antivirus protection of files, e-mails, and Instant Messages
Maximum security recent certifications include VB100%, ICSA, and West Coast Labs Checkmark
Free high-speed updates automatically receive all database updates and new program versions for the duration of the license
Multiple language support in one package ? no need to buy a special language version."


I would rate this program 9 out of 10. It is extremely easy to install and will almost configure itself. The reason for the 9 of 10 is that the virus definitions files are usually one or two days behind the virus advent (when it is first detected by an authority). Also the program does not detect a computer behind a firewall, proxy settings have to be set manually.

You can download the program here:

AVG Anti Virus Free Edition

02/15/14 - When I wrote this article in early 2009 the AVG program was only a anti virus program and not a security suite. Now it incorporates a suite of tools for your email, surfing, etc. However unlike other "security suits" you can turn off what you don't want when you install the program thus not overloading your operating system with useless junk that will slow you computer down.

Update 02/09/20 - Well Microsoft has finally realized that the OS is the target of most viruses and then your data. Windows 10 has a built in anti-virus program, however at this time (Windows 10 has been around for a couple of years now) the Defender program is still evolving. There is a new threat to your data and it is the "ransom" type virus, this virus program will encrypt your storage media (hard drive or SSD) and you have to pay the thieves a ransom to get the key to decrypt the data, the primary target of these thieves are big businesses and government entities.

Amazing that the computer and viruses have been around for over forty years and we are still being plagued by thieves because we can't enforce "Best practices" at the personal level...

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