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Autoexec.bat and config.sys boot file examples

Oldies but Goodies - Autoexec.bat and config.sys boot files

Note # 1: At the time this article was written DOS was a viable option for working on your computer. However since the floppy drive is no longer being supported by computer manufactures you will need to use a virtual floppy to create the media needed to complete your task of creating a boot USB device or a bootable CD /DVD  instead of the floppy.

Note # 2:
Before you start on your adventure with DOS read entire this page, it may save you some work and heartache searching for drivers.

These two boot files tell the computer what to do when it starts, loads cd/dvd or usb device drivers for access to those devices in DOS.

To use these examples copy and paste to Notepad. Do not use Word or any other word processing program, the file will not work. Also see the note at the bottom of the page on device drivers.

Autoexec.bat and config.sys boot file examples:

CD/DVD ROM files:


@echo off



Note: You will have to find the appropriate driver for your usb or cd/dvd rom drive, I can not supply all the drivers out there because there a literally millions!

You will also need to find these two files, from your hard drive or search Microsoft for the names:


Note: Insure that you have the same version of these files as the version of DOS you used to make the bootable device.

Add the driver files to the floppy with those above.

Autoexec.bat and config.sys - creating boot file :

Where I have put the XXXXX.XXX is where you paste your driver name, be sure to copy the actual driver file to the floppy, do not create any folders (or directories) on the floppy, it will cause a boot time error if the drivers are in a separate folder (or directory).

When you find your drivers there should be a text file called readme or something similar, check for the line that reads  DEVICE=A:\XXXXX.XXX /D:IDECD001, you are looking for the part that reads: /D:xxxxxxxx that will be the drive parameter for MSCDEX.EXE to find the driver when it loads, copy the line and past it after the /D: in both the files. Save both files and then copy them with the other files to the floppy. Test the floppy, when you start the system you should be at the a: prompt, it will look like this: a black screen with a A:\ Next you need to test the drivers and insure you can access the cd/dvd or usb drive. The drive will be E: for the cd/dvd or the usb drive, type D: at the prompt, press enter. Do you have E:\ or an error? If you have a E:\ then you are done.


If on the other hand you have an error you need to look at the syntax (how the command is formed) for the cd/dvd or usb driver in both files to insure they are correctly typed.

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Autoexec.bat and config.sys boot file

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