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Who is Monte Russell?

All Ebooks & 12 Videos DVD, all my e-books on one DVD, a $700+ value for only $147! One repair will pay for this DVD, free yourself from the clutches of the repair tech!

After many frustrations and expensive computer repairs have you came to your senses and decided to Do It Yourself?

"DIY Computer Repairs where Geek is a long lost memory"

I understand your reluctance to "buy" a product that you think you can find for free on the internet, let me assure that over 75% of the information contained on this DVD is not on the internet, the videos have not been posted to You Tube or any where else.

The complete library of All DIY Computer Repairs e-books, videos, and Publications on this DVD with the exception of this web site...

Now fully indexed with an easy to use index system...

 Have you paid to have any of these things done? (as in the Reactive strategy)

  • Clean out a virus infection.

  • Hard drive replacement.

  • Fix keyboard errors.

  • Repair a mouse failure.

  • Troubleshoot your sound failure.

  • Repair the cause of a Boot failure.

  • Repair a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).

  • Fix your internet connection failure.

  • Setup a server.

  • Setup a Domain for increased security.

  • Set up a firewall.

  • Build a Custom Computer.

  • Upgrade your existing computer.

  • Install an Operating System.

These are a few of the things I have fixed or done over the years as a Computer Repair Tech, I can assure you that a lot of these repairs take less than fifteen minutes.

I think you can do these things yourself with a little help.

You can search the internet and find some of these repairs in bits and pieces.

And it is also written in Geekease so why bother?

All are very easily with the All DIY Computer Repairs e-books and videos on this DVD (as in the Proactive strategy)

  • How to clean a virus.

  • How to troubleshoot a hard drive.

  • How to fix the power supply / adapter port.

  • How to speed up your computer.

  • How to fix a startup loop.

  • How to repair a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).

  • How to upgrade a computer or components.

  • How to build a custom computer.

  • How to setup your firewall/router.

  • How to make a small business or home network.

  • How to increase the security of your computer.

  • Windows 7 installation

  • Windows 7 optimization

  • Windows 7 security

  • And so much more!

When you want to do your own repairs how are you going find the information in a timely manner and in one place? And in a format that is easy to understand?

This is our complete All DIY Computer Repairs e-books on DVD, 12 Video's (NEW!), 41 Checklists, and e-course collection in the Library. (Proactive Strategy)

  • Fix almost any problem you will have with your computer with the Self Computer Repair e-book.

  • Build a Custom Computer with the Build a Custom Computer e-book.

  • Upgrade an existing computer with the Upgrade Your Computer e-book.

  • Build a Server with the Build a Sever e-book.

  • Install Windows 7 and get it right with the Windows 7 Ultimate Guide.

  • Twelve NEW Video's to walk you through common repair and maintenance tasks; use with the corresponding text in pdf format.

  • 41 individual checklists and guides for single task repairs and maintenance.

  • With out the Geek speak or as I call it Geekease!

Some of the chapters in the different e-books in PDF format on the
All DIY Computer Repairs e-books on DVD -

  • Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition  e-book - You have a computer that is acting like it has all the time in the world to start.

  • The last time you took your computer in for repair it cost you half your pay check and it still isn't working right.

  • You went to buy a new computer but once you added all the 'options' you want to the 'base' computer it was three times the cost.

  • You need to have a server to host a web site or share an application for your business, the local 'Computer Repair Shop' wants over $3000 plus the cost o f the server!

  • You get a quote from the local computer repair shop to upgrade your computer, you could buy a new computer for less...

  • How to Upgrade your computer components (parts).

  • (DIY Computer Repair Manual)
    How to go about upgrading the different components of your computer, from the power supply to the motherboard and beyond. You can completely update that old, tired computer with a substantial savings.
  • How to repair different components of your computer.

  • (DIY Computer Repairs Manual)
    Step by step instructions on what can be repaired and what has to be replaced and how to do the task. From the hard drive to memory to the power supply.
  • What to look for when replacing a component.

  • (DIY Computer Repair Manual)
    Step by step instructions on hardware replacement, and how to troubleshoot hardware errors. A list of troubleshooting techniques and individual component troubleshooting. Step by step instructions on what to look for when the computer has a problem.
  • It will step you though the process from the required research, (Build A Server Manual) then the actual hardware build (putting all those parts together, unless you pay the manufacture to integrate the computer when you buy it or use an existing computer) to the OS install.

  • Once the hardware is ready the process will guide you through installing the Server Operating System. (Build A Server Manual)

  • When you are done you will have a chance to install applications the correct way. And the last step of enhancing the security of your network. (Build A Server Manual)

  • Research
    The book explains why the part research is necessary and has a sample spreadsheet. (Build A Custom Computer Manual)

  • Building the computer
    The book walks you through the complete process from installing the motherboard to connecting the hard drive and CD/DVD. It shows you why your should keep the cables inside the computer neat and tidy. (Build A Custom Computer Manual)

  • Introduction
    A brief explanation of the process and steps you should accomplish to complete your upgrade successfully. (DIY Computer Upgrade -book)

  • Upgrade your computer
    The meat of the book, the step by step instructions with illustrations, over 30 of them.  (DIY Computer Upgrade -book)

  • Plus twelve new computer repair videos not found anywhere on the internet, published only for

  • 41 individual checklists and guides to help you finish single tasks quickly and with out introducing new problems with your computer.

All Manuals and Videos by DIY Computer Repair on a DVD -
in this Library
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With a 30 day money back Guarantee

Hi Monte,

I did get the download of your free e-book and the information in it is invaluable and loaded with tons of information. Thank you so much for the free gift. You can post anything I write/post any time, any where you would like. I've just sent information to all of my friends about your book and DIY-COMPUTER-REPAIR.COM web site and suggested they all sign up for your DIY newsletter. I hope it generates some business for you because you deserve it and so much more. Since I refuse to deal with MS about any issues with my computer, I don't know what I would be doing about issues with my computer if I had not found your book. You're the best man.

Nov, 2008

Maybe you are like me and need to see something before you deicide - A sneak peek of what is in each e-book on the
All DIY Computer Repairs e-books on DVD: View sample

It doesn't matter what your skill level is with Computer repair with the All DIY Computer Repairs e-books on DVD.

At $147 it is $50 to $100 cheaper than the "Be your own Tech" or the "Build your own computer repair business" videos sets with more e-books, checklists (they don't have), and e-courses (they don't have); and with out the geek jargon!

Indexed for fast & easy access with your browser...

The Version 2.1 All Manuals my DIY Computer Repairs on a DVD in PDF format (e-book) this Library Has Seven e-books, twelve new videos, and 41 checklists; and much more...

Computer Repair E-BooksSelf Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition - This is the core manual of the CD, this manual was written with the normal everyday computer owner in mind, combine the 38 checklists/guides and you will have a very powerful and useful library!

  1. Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition PDF (Core manual #1)

  2. DIY Computer Repairs 2nd Edition e-book  (Core manual #2 - Advanced techniques)

  3. Self Computer Repair Unleashed Manual ver 1.2 PDF

  4. Build a Server Manual e-book

  5. Windows 7 Ultimate Guide PDF

  6. Build a Custom PC Manual e-book

  7. Upgrade Your Computer Manual PDF

Computer Repair Videos (NEW!)

  1. Tools And ESD

  2. Clean your computer

  3. Dual or Multi Boot your computer

  4. Install Hard drive / SSD

  5. Install add on card in a desktop

  6. Install memory in a desktop or laptopA server is a special type of computer Operating System, it can if done proplerly inhance the securtiy of your network by 1000% - Not Kidding!

  7. Install processor in a desktop

  8. Motherboard what is on it, how to install it.

  9. Optimize Windows 7/8 for maximum performance

  10. Optimize  Windows XP for maximum performance

  11. Doing a Windows 7 backup image

  12. Doing a Windows XP backup image

Computer Repair Mini-Guides

  1. How to min-guide e-book

  2. Laptop Care and Repair mini-guide PDF

Computer Repair E-Courses

  1. Advanced E-Course on Computer Repair Techniques e-book

  2. Advanced E-Course on Over Clocking  PDF

  3. Five hardware and software tips from DIY e-book

  4. Computer Repair for your information PDF

  5. The art of Virtual Computing e-course e-book

Computer Repair Checklists/GuidesNeed a checklist for a job? Each checklist is specificaly written for one task and one task only, 38 differnet tasks every computer owner needs to keep their computer running!

  1. Eighteen Checklists to help you do repairs PDFs

  2. Twelve Troubleshooting Guides e-books

  3. Eleven General checklists PDFs


  1. Adobe Reader (free version)

  2. Readme.txt

View high quality never posted to the internet videos on your computer, no adds, no pop-ups, no viruses, no security risks. Use with your desktop or laptop.

This DVD is fully indexed, use your browser to open the index page, then select the document or video to view on you computer. No more searching, have your information at your finger tips!

Don't miss out on this limited time offer!
All DIY Computer Repairs Manuals & Videos on DVD Version 2.1

All Ebooks & Videos DVD, all my e-books plus 12 Videos  on one DVD, a $700+ value for only $147!

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A $700.00+ value for only - $147.00

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Jan, 2015

This suite of E-Books do not contain schematics or diagrams of computer components.

Most people prefer the free of the internet. However, do those 'freebies' come with a guarantee? Not at all...

Welcom to, I am Monte Russell owner/author of this web site.Greetings,

I am Monte Russell owner of

I have worked with and on computers for over 25 years. In that time I discovered that not all computer repairs require a trip to a repair shop or a visit from a repair tech. In fact more than 87% of all computer repairs take half an hour or less. With a MCSE, an AAS in Electronics Design Technology, and numerous certifications I can assure you that you can fix a computer!

I am so confident that you will not have any unanswered questions after buying this e-book on computer repair that I will put a link to my support page here with my DIY Computer Repairs 30 Day, 100 Percent, Money Back Guarantee: 60 Day, 100 Percent, Money Back Guarantee

In case you're not satisfied for any reason, there's a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

Here's a message from the author, Monte, about your guarantee:

"I know my knowledge and experience can help you, but if for some reason you don't find these Checklists and Guides helpful, I offer an unconditional, no-questions-asked, total refund within 30 days of purchase. Simply follow the client service notice on your invoice to get your money back in full."

Monte Russell

Thanks for stopping by...

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