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What Advantage did the old U.S.S.R. have over the rest of the world?

Having an advantage over the competition isn't always technological...

My main gripe with technology today is how complicated the design engineers have made things.

As a young Airman in the US Air Force I happened to be in the right place at the right time and had access to a MIG-15 (around 1968).

I was amazed at how simple this aircraft was built, it was leading edge technology but every aspect of the aircraft was made for simplicity.

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One of the things that US aircraft (fighters) had that always caused the maintenance tech's problems was the landing gear and the braking systems. They were (in my opinion) over engineered.

But that MIG had the simplest landing gear and brake system I have ever seen.

The Russian engineers knew that when the aircraft was deployed to remote airfields that the level of maintenance would not be as sophisticated as it would be at the factory and took this in to account when designing the aircraft.

Their advantage was their motto it was: KISS -  Keep It Simple Stupid


Not because the Russian Air Force (or the other branches) personnel were stupid (far from it!) but because simple makes for more robust and dependable systems.

So it would behoove the computer design engineers to take a look at the Russian way of doing things and cut out all the 'extra' junk they add to their programs.

I needed to find out what video chip set was in a laptop then download the drivers for a new installation of Windows 7.

Noooo, can't let the owner of the device know what is in the box. It took me over an hour of searching to find the type of video chip set in the laptop and I did not find that information on the manufactures web site either, ASUS your web site is junk = Fail!

As an avid fan of ASUS I think I may be looking for a new supplier of motherboards and laptops if they can't dejunk their web site. Talk about K.I.S.S. this bios screen is almost bare!

Did I get the laptop video fixed?

Yup, but I didn't find out from ASUS what chip set was in the laptop, I had to go to NVIDIA's web site and ran their video ID program. Very nice NVIDIA. (Maybe ASUS should look at NVIDIA's web site to see how a great site is setup?)

I do believe all that if a web site takes a long time to load, the fonts are hard to read, and the use of flash vs. images will cause readers to only browse them one time.

The simpler and faster loading web site will have a large advantage over them. At this time I have stopped using five very popular web sites because of these very reasons. I hope my web site fits my description of KISS...

My $0.02 about finding drivers and the lengths today's computer design engineers go to keep that information from us. Computer design  engineers = FAIL!



Web masters and developers: If your reader (visitor) can't read your fancy font why come to your web site? Can you say "bounce"??

Update 02-08-20

Last year my Wife said: We have a little extra money after all the Grand Children's presents were bought, would I like a new laptop (She received a new ASUS Flip laptop - the type that can be a laptop or a tablet- for her birthday). So my answer was YES! of course. The choice was a low end laptop for about $700 or a refurbished laptop with all the specifications I would like: i7 3GHz CPU, 16 GB ram, NVidia video, 480 GB SSD (settled for a 250 SSD). All that for less than $700, comes with one year warranty and for a few dollars more a three year extended warranty. All is good for about two months... Then if failed, the motherboard went bad. After sending it back to the seller for diagnostics and repair (long process of about two months!) it was returned. After another four months it failed again, after checking with the seller I decided to use the ASUS warranty. This is where I found that the ASUS web site had been redesigned, much better however the flash is still there and there are a few irksome menu items but over all better, so ASUS does read their reviews... By the way the laptop when returned has bee operational for over a year...

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So a great designed and low fluff web site will have an advantage over the web sites that are designed with flash and fluff that are hard to navigated regardless of the company that owns it.

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