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FREE Advanced Computer Repair Techniques e-course

A seven part Advanced Computer Repair Techniques e-course for you!

Welcome to my e-course; this course is designed to help you repair and understand such things as registry modifications, registry problems,  and tips on making your computer faster.Need to learn more about certian topics? I have written five e-courses that will help you understand your computing environment.

This course will also introduce you to some tools that modify the registry and the security files on your computer.

Before we begin the course you need to know that some of these techniques or "tweaks or hacks" as the geeks call them can be destructive. That is if you make a mistake with the tool your computer may crash when restarted.

The first thing you will need to do is backup your computer. Also you will need to backup your registry and security files. I suggest you back these files up to an external device that you can get to with the Emergency Repair disk you will make as part of the course.

I would also urge you to check the "How To..." section on using an "image" of the boot partition of your computer for a backup. By using an image you can do your experimenting with out worry if the Operating System BSOD or you get a stop error. Faster than reinstalling the OS and programs then re-doing all your optimization and customizing of your OS.

Topics covered in the Advanced Computer Repair Techniques e-course are:

  1. How to make a bootable Emergency Repair CD or USB device. And how to use it to repair your computer's Operating System if it crashes.

  2. This service has been discontinued do to lack of funds, please bookmark this page it may return in the near future...    :(
  3. Backing up your registry and security files

  4. What the registry is and how to modify it with out killing your OS

  5. Speeding up your menus, the default for a menu to open is 400 milliseconds. And how to restore a registry file after a mod causes a blue screen.

  6. Using a registry change to delay the startup of services, this will allow the desktop to load faster.

  7. Group Policies that you can change to make your computer faster and increase the security of your computer

  8. Services that are not being used have two problems; they use up memory when not disabled and are a security risk. This section helps you increase your unused memory and security.

Using the Advanced Computer Repair Techniques learn how to Work with Windows Registry, keys and data.

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