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Advance Web Ranking Software Review

Advance Web Ranking Software a good program to check your web site standing although not cheap.

"Advance Web Ranking Software (AWR), will it help you with your web site ranking?"

"For those that have a web site, this is for you. AWR software is a program that will go to all the SE's that you select and get your web sites page rank."

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Advance Web Ranking Splash Screen.

Now that may sound a like it would not be much work but have you went to over 800 Search Engines and checked where your web site is ranked by keyword and against your competition? Quite a daunting task. When you setup the program you select your keywords, which Search Engines you want to check and list the competitions web sites. The program is fairly fast but if you have a long list of keywords, select all the available Search Engines, and have a lot of competition the program will take some time to complete.

I have used Advance Web Ranking Software to follow my web sites progress since I started them. Sometimes checking the rank of your web site can be disheartening, seeing it at the bottom of the list.

But by checking on the web site's progress as you modify the keywords and content you can see if the improvements are working with in two days. I made some changes to this web site on a week end afternoon and by Tuesday I had moved up by three positions.

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Now you may think that three positions is not a big deal but if you are number 12 on a keyword search that returns 1000+  web sites you are on the second page, moving up by 3 puts your site on the first page. Conversely lets say you changed a keyword on one page and in a couple of days your page had slipped three or four positions, you may have moved off of the first page to the second page.

Most searchers will not go to the second page of a search return, if they don't find what they are looking for on the first page they revise their search term and try again. So it is important that your web site be on the first page for the keywords you have on that page.

Advance Web Ranking Software will help you analyze your web site's position and the competition. When you modify a page you can track its progress if it is going up or down. You can see each keywords rank by search engine, or by page. You can also see your web sites overall rank in comparison with the top fifty sites by keyword. This is very important for those that rely on traffic by keyword search. if you are below 10 you will need to add content appropriate to the keyword to rank higher and push the competition out of the higher ranking.

The program also has an overview of your sites progress, it lists all of your keywords and where they rank overall. This gives you a quick view of where you rank for each keyword. You can check your keywords by each SE you have listed, the program will list the web page name and it's rank on that SE. Such as Google, you have the web page, the position on the page and the page number plus the best rank since the first time you ran the program. It gives you a history of where your web site is where it has been and where it is going.

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Advance Web Ranking, screen shot of the main page, the ranik of this web at time of ariicle.

The Advance Web Ranking Software has three distinct license modes, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Standard gives you the Project, Update, Schedule, and Filters. The Tools features have some tools that are not available in the Standard version. If you are using this program for your business these features are all you really need to track one or two web sites. If you are a web designer and want the Reports, Triggers, and Advanced Tools you will have to upgrade to Professional or Enterprise.


I am ranking this program 9 of 10, the reason for the 9 instead of 10 is that the 30 day trial gives you all the features then when you buy it you lose the Reports, Edit Reports, Triggers, and some of the Tools. The publisher's web site does not tell you that when you purchase the product you will not have all the features the trial version had. Overall this program is very useful in tracking your web site's progress, and will assist you in modifying your keywords to get the highest ranking possible.

Purchase only if you are serious about moving your web site up in the keyword ranking wars. Recommended for Web Designers and SEO's that work on client web sites.

Contrary to popular belief of the SEO blogs and gurus keywords will remain the number one thing a SE (even Google) will use to rank your page on the SERPs. Why? Well think it through - what is it the reader is searching for? widgets? or needs? Most searches the reader is searching for something they NEED! If you do your own SEO then disregard the latest fad and do it right, search intent is the keyword.

Update - 06-07-2011:

Since I wrote this article I have since quit worrying about SEO and am concentrating on getting the most out of my time by letting SBI do the worrying although I do still use Advance Web Ranking Software to check my web sites status. I highly recommend you save your time and money doing what a web master should be doing and that is giving your readers the best content possible instead of doing all the things that SEO requires to rank high in the SERPs. (If you don't know what SEO or SERP means then you need to do more research on web sites, sorry).

Update - 02-08-2020

The company CAPHYON that publishes this software is still in business. Since moving this web site to a different hosting company (mine!) I am debating activating this program once again. Why? Because I don't have the resources that SBI has nor the people to do the research to tell me when trends change. During the panda/penguin algorithm years SEO became a losing activity because the algorithms would change from day to day. What was a good SEO practice in 2008 became a bad or "black hat" practice and your web site would lose page rank (page rank is where the your web page is placed in the search return page for a term or series of terms when a search engine is used). After searching for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) software and services there are quite a few still available however the quality of those services or the software is unknown. This product is still a very good choice.

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