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About the owner of www.diy-computer-repair.net

Why an "About the owner of www.diy-computer-repair.net"? (previously www.diy-computer-repair.com)
  • To establish who is writing the articles on this web site?
  • To tell people what credentials I have because I am considered to be an ''expert" in computer repair?
  • Could be but mostly to tell my readers where I come from and some of the things I have done?

About the owner of www.diy-computer-repair.net:

Hello, My name is Monte Russell and I am located in Sunny Glendale, Arizona, USA.

     I was born in South Dakota and lived the majority of my younger life in Wyoming.The owner and author of DIY Computer Repairs As the son of a Heavy Duty Equipment Operator and Master Mechanic I learned how to fix anything mechanical at an early age.

     My first bike I built  from a frame I found in the local dump. Now that was a heck of a bike, it was a 'Springer' front end and made for a smoother ride out in the boonies. Today they are called 'Mountain Bikes'.

     My first car was a '32 Chevy Coupe, never did get it on the road. One of my favorite cars is the El Camino, I had a hobby web site dedicated to the Classic Muscle Car of the late '60s and early '70s. (Site closed due to bad economic and social policies of my country.)

     I graduated from high school in 1966. Due to the economy I decided to join the US Air Force before going to college even though I had a scholarship to a large University, but would have had to work part time to complete my degree.

     I started my first career in 1966 as a member of the U.S. Air Force. As an Airman I went to technical school on the USAF's latest and greatest Jet Fighters (F-102, F-105, F-106, F-4, and T-38). After over 20 years of dedicated duty, traveling around the world (three times), and working on the F-16, I decided that I need a change in life and retired from Active Duty.

The image, table, or PDF was removed because it will not display on your device. Check back on a PC....
F-4E Phantom II, on a bomb run... "You can run but you can not hide.." F-16C Fighting Falcon, full battle dress. "A FULL Nine G Turn, no other aircraft can out turn a F-16 ..."

     I went back to school and graduated from Glendale Community Collage with an AAS (Associate Applied Science) in Computer Design Technology.

     Along the way I accumulated a lot of knowledge, some of it was hard earned, some of it came from years of study (a MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer is a University course that is highly condensed, the Novel Certified Engineer course was just as demanding) and of course the experience.

     There were times when working and studying made me want to find another job, then I would think about what I would be leaving behind and after some soul searching would buckle down to the job at hand and complete the task. Overall it was a very rewarding career. After a long career as computer repair tech and senior network administrator for a large company, I decided to change careers once again.

About the owner of www.diy-computer-repair.net

     I created www.diy-computer-repair.net to use my knowledge as an "Authorized Computer Repair Technician" and all around mechanic to help others gain their confidence to fix their computer problems.

     Think about this: A Do It Yourself Computer Repair web site by a Do It Yourselfer with a lot of experience doing what is written on this web site and in my publications.

     I am glad you stopped by to see what I have accomplished. I would like to invite you to come back often to see the new information I am always writing about. I receive a lot of questions through email and some of these emails trigger the thought process to write another article.

     Although computers are very complex the hardware is in a modular design that makes them very easy to repair, once you have done the troubleshooting to find out what has failed.

Are you about to follow the technical advice I put forward here? There is over 50% more  in my publications, and the Fix It Blog that makes repairing a computer just that much easier.

And remember - "There is no such thing as a DUMB question".

Thank you for reading my about the owner of www.diy-computer-repair.net!

History of this Web Site:
1 October 2006 -  www.diy-computer-repair.com domain name registered (This domain name is registered by copy right to M&P Russell Enterprises LLC!)
3 January 2007 - Moved from old host to new hosting company sitesell.com
1 February 2007 - Created the About the owner of www.diy-computer-repair.com page...  :)
15 April 2007 - Web site passed 100 pages of content
15 October 2007 - Web site passed 300 pages of content, Google says good job gives site a PR 1!
15 January 2008 - Published first DIY Computer Repairs E-Book
2  February 2008 - 1st issue of Fix It! newsletter issued
25 March 2008 - First major redesign of web site using CSS and added third column to some pages.
28 September 2008 - Google increases Page Rank to PR 2!
1 January 2009 - Initiated Q and A forum for the web site
10 March 2009 - Second Edition of DIY Computer Repairs E-book published
1 June 2009 - Published Build a Custom PC E-book
21 October 2009 - Q and A Forum passes 100 submissions
5 Nov 2009 - Google increases Page Rank to PR 3!
10 December 2009 - Publish two E-Books - Build a Server
 and Upgrade Your Computer
10 February 2010 - Add new section to web site: DIY Insiders (Closed 08-18-17, too sad...)
1 June 2010 - Publish Self Computer Repair Unleashed E-Book, retire DIY Computer Repairs E-book
15 July 2010 - Publish Windows 7 Ultimate E-Book
20 August 2010 - Fix It Blog open for business
25 October 2010 - - Q and A Forum passes 300 submissions
1 January 2011 - www.diy-computer-repair.com web site surpasses 700 pages
25 February 2011 - Google Panda/Farmer algorithm causes a drop in web site Page Rank to PR2!
1 May 2011 - Complete redesign of web site
12 June 2011 - Google likes new design gives back Page Rank of PR 3
09 December 2011  - www.diy-computer-repair.com web site surpasses 800 pages!
21 April 2012 - Penguin by Google has hit this site, traffic has dropped dramatically...
01 June 2012 - Penguin by Google has cause the traffic on this site to drop by 90% to recover from this problem I have closed my blog: www.fix-it-blog.com
02 July 2012 - Add the Advanced section to the web site, moving content from old blog in to six categories when completed.
09 July 2012 - Add a blog called Fix It Blog to this web site instead of a sub domain that didn't work anyway.
31 July 2012 - Release new e-book DIY Computer Repairs Manual - 2nd Edition: The Non-Geek Approach To Computer Repairs  Dropped...
12 August 2012 - Add new section to the web site Advanced Computer Repair Techniques
01 September 2012 - The Fix It Blog is back in business on this site.
12 October 2012 - Release new e-book  Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition The second edition of my best selling Self Computer Repair Unleashed with technology up dates and more information. Retire Self Computer Repair Unleashed v.1
22 October 2012 - Added another section to the Advanced Computer Repair Techniques for Servers.
01 November 2012 - Retired the DIY Computer Repairs Manual -2nd Edition, too much competition from my newer Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition.
15 November 2012 - Pressing on with the renovation of this web site, still haven't found out what Google wants from the web site to recouped the lost traffic.
1 January 2013 - Stopped giving away small checklists and guides once a month, although my newsletter readers like them they do not enhance my product sells...
05 February 2013 - My site has suffered another drop in traffic and my DIY Insiders web site sales also suffered dramatically.
15 May 2013 - Added a video tutorial CD to my products line: 6 DIY Computer Repair Videos! (Dropped, no intrest?)
28 May 2013 - Seems that things have leveled out after a year, traffic is steady but very low. Still can't find what Google is seeing to cause the drop in page rank...
04 June 2013 - Dropped the video tutorials, no buyers, may bring them back when traffic picks up.
18 Oct 2013 - SBI (Site Sell) has done a comprehensive study that gives tips on what to do, and what to NOT do when renovating web site. Traffic has increased slightly...
11 Nov 2013 - Finished cleanup and rebuild of web site, await Google's reaction...
12 Feb 2014 - It has been around 90 days since the rebuild, traffic has gone up some but it is very inconsistent, some days over 400 unique visitors, some days less than 200... Considering closing it down. :(
09 Apr 2014 - Now about five months after completing the clean up of this site, submitting numerous emails to web sites to remove their links to this site. Sending emails to Google asking for a re-evaluation and so forth the traffic is still low, considering moving the web site and doing a rename. Hate to lose this one but the traffic problem is not curable with known SEO practices...
20 Aug 2014 - A few answers from Google about the lack of traffic, seems that this site needs to "improve" it's quality of information presented. Bing says I have over 600 pages with errors, it doesn't like the noarchive tag that keeps someone from archiving my web site on theirs... Repairs in progress, traffic still 90% less than 2012...
18 Oct 2014 - Closed web site classiccarparts.com, low revenue from this site forces me to drop the site after eight years. Too bad I really liked that site.
1 Nov 2014 - Complete site improvement for "quality of information", removed the noarchive tag so the thieves can copy my work with out worry, improved and corrected code to comply with HTML 5 standards, and a few other things. No improvement from Google or Bing in traffic, now fighting with plagiarizers that copy my content [sigh]...
3 Dec 2014 - Complete rename of pages that do not "comply" with Google standards for naming [???], now in the progress of changing links from old names to new names.
15 Jan 2015 - About 50% done with the name change of pages and link clean up work, Google doesn't like the changes, traffic has dropped in comparison with 2012 by 30%. However Bing is showing a slight improvement and less than 100 pages with errors. The work continues...
1 Mar 2015 - Google announces a new algorithm: "Mobile Friendly"... Once again I have to modify over 800 pages to please Google or keep losing traffic which is down by 75% due to the last round of "updates". Conversion in progress, some pages are done...
14 April 2015- "Mobile Friendly" conversion and new template complete, a few visitors say the new layout is much better, Bing agrees, traffic up 10% and web page errors down a whopping 75%!
1 May 2015 - My traffic has dropped another 30%, no reason from Google as to why, however my Bing traffic is up 46% for the same period, so much for getting the "mobile friendly" bump for this web site.
1 June 2015 - The old domain name www.diy-computer-repair.com has gone away and the new domain name www.diycomputerrepairs.com will replace it, sorry to see it go but Google has something against it, the saying is: "No traffic, No SALES!" selling a book once every three months will not pay the rent on this web site.
05 June 2015 - Mobile conversion is complete, now if someone uses a smaller device (such as a smartphone) that the display is less than 480 pixels wide they will be able to read the content and repair their normal computer... This comes with a caveat or two - some of the images and tables will not display on such a small video screen.
25 Nov 2015 - Bing has yet to index any pages in the new domain www.diycomputerrepairs.com, I contacted Bing Support and they tell me there was a glitch (technical failure) when I registered the new domain name and it will be three to five weeks before any pages will show up in their search return pages...
03 Jan 2016 - I now have 390 pages indexed by the Bing Search Engine.
09 Jan 2016 - Bing is now sending traffic to this web site, not much but better than none at all! My total indexed pages has risen to 680 pages, this is great, although the traffic is still very low.
1 June 2017 - Google traffic is at zero, Bing traffic is not any better. Closing this site down: diycomputerrepairs.com and moving the site to another hosting company: mine. The old index page will remain in place until the subscription runs out. A great company to get started with is SBI or Solo Build IT...
31 Aug 2017 - The web site has been renamed to www.diy-computer-repair.net, when the old original site was brought on line I parked this domain for over ten years not doing anything with the domain. On 1 June 2017 I activated the domain and moved the web site to a new hosting service.
1 Oct 2017 - Added the Fix It Blog, there will be a Q and A forum coming soon... (that is as soon as I figure out how to make one work on wordpress!) Have a look - all comments welcome!
1 Dec 2018 - I have found a new search engine that I think is an alternative to the gaggle god: Active Search Results (ASR) and have added my two web sites, will have to wait to see if it is as advertised or another con job...
15 June 2019 - The web sites are there, traffic is low but steady, still haven't added them to Google or Bing as of yet, need to wait at least two years with the new name before submitting them.
10 Oct 2019 - The blog was hacked, don't know how it happened but all the sudden I have links to some off the wall web site, the blog has been shut down until I can figure out how to lock it down and still have readers comment.
10 Dec 2019 - I have found a way to lock down the web sites however it will force me to move from the old Windows 2003 Server Operating System to a newer version.
06 Feb 2020 - After two months of learning, experimenting, frustration, and numerous reloads of Windows Server 2008 R2 this web site and the Fix It Blog are on the new server and operational.

Quote: "How can I unstuck you if I don't know you are stuck?" Post your problem (Hardware only!) in the Q and A forum!



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