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Upgrading Motherboard - Sometimes high price doesn't equate to high quality...

Upgrading Motherboard - Don't forget if you upgrade the motherboard you will have to install the Operating System.

It will increase your computers functionality, speed, and sometimes add some accessories.

Considerations and pitfalls when upgrading.

Factors: processor and memory, sometimes the additional cards that are installed in the computer. What you want the computer to be when complete, cost.

What do you want to accomplish? Make a list, in one column have the current main board and all the components in your computer.

In the other column list what you want.

Research your new motherboard, change the column of the new main board, some of the features of the new motherboard may be different or better than what the old board has, such as embedded network capability, you can get rid of the network card, or the built in Audio is of better quality than the old sound card you have.

Two of your main concerns are the processor and the memory of the new board, can you use your current processor and memory or will you have to upgrade that also.

Costs - in the old days you would gather up two or three catalogs, go through them and compare costs of one item from one company to another company. Maybe the item had the same manufacture, maybe not. A little tedious if you were buying a lot of different items. Now you can make a list with a spread sheet, research your items online and compare. So do your research, an hour now will save you a lot of money later when you order the parts to do your upgrade.

Quality - This should be one of your questions while researching costs. If you "buy cheap, you get cheap", spend less now and you may be spending more later.

You have selected your motherboard, you know if you are re-using some components or buying new.

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The next thing you need to know is will it fit your computer case? Check the dimensions or go to the manufactures web site and down load the installation guide, it will give you insight to the physical characteristics of the motherboard.

Like the lay out of the ports, where the drive connectors are. With this information you can compare you case and the location of cables.

Nothing like getting the new motherboard and finding you have to modify the case to get to the keyboard and mouse ports because they are in a different place than the old one. Or finding that the hard drive cable is four inches too short because the connectors are in a different place.

Once you have decided on which motherboard you want and have purchased it the next step will be to install the motherboard, this page gives you step by step instructions or you could use this e-book:

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When Upgrading Motherboard you will find some reviews of the product you are interested in such as the Intel DP43BF.

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