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Upgrading Computer Case is not the same as modifying a pc case for better functionality.


The main reason for upgrading computer case is to get more room or more bays for drives. Like buying a new house because you have out grown your old one, need more bedrooms for the children you didn't have when you bought the first house.

As with any upgrade you should consider the functionality of your purchase. Are you going to use components from the old computer? Or is this going to be a brand new system? What do you want to do with the system? Is it for your business or is it going to be a multifunctional system to cover all your computing tasks?

Make yourself a "wish" list of features you want to have or add to the pc when you are done:

  • Hard drives/SSD: Two, three, four?
  • CD/DVD drives: Two?
  • Internal Floppy drive?
  • Fans? Extra cooling? (Liquid cooling is now available.)
  • Power Supply? (Add 200 to 300 watts to the power supply if you can afford it, newer processors need more power in case you upgrade.)
  • How big? Small to fit on your desktop, medium, or a full tower to go under your desk?
  • Some cases come with a power supply, do you want to use the stock power supply or upgrade to a higher wattage to support more devices?
  • Esthetic? Need a case you can see the insides? Or one that is a certain color to match your drapes?
  • Accessibility? Some cases are a bear to open, some have hinged covers, if you are going to add more drives in the future you need to have more bays that are fairy easy to get to.

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Some people drill holes in their case covers for more fans to exhaust the hot air. This may or may not be a solution for your case. Also another option is adding more fans. However very few companies make a kit for adding fans to the inside of the case. To add a fan in a non conventional way you would need a bracket to hold the fan, you would also have to figure out where to mount the bracket then drill holes for the mounting screws or bolts.

Update 04/01/16 - When my trusty ASUS P5K motherboard died I replaced it with another P5K motherboard (seven years is a long time for a motherboard, considering that I was overclocking the processor...)  The new motherboard came with a different type of heat sink, and the Thermaltake on the old motherboard was not removable, the brackets came with a heat absorbent spacer that adhered to the motherboard making it impossible to remove with out destroying the spacers. Too bad, a solution to the smaller lighter heat sink was either buy another Thermaltake or increase the number of fans to exhaust the heat. The solution was to add another fan at the rear of the case using the empty slots for the opening. This works quite well, not holes to drill nor cutting the case.

A few ideas for you to look at when you do your shopping, err research... Smile...

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