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Upgrading Computer Components page 2 - Hardware getting old? Can't keep up with the latest and greatest software?

Sometimes new parts don't add any thing new in options, perks, or functionality. So why buy new and replace something that isn't causing any problems? Before buying new check the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of the old part vs. the new part. Can you leave the old part in the computer for a little longer? Or do you want to lower the chance of a failure?

Memory: The cheapest and fastest way of upgrading any computer is increasing the memory. Current memory prices are the lowest ever. You can see a quantum leap in performance by just doubling the current amount of memory in your computer.

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Storage: Hard drive / SSD space is one of the more expensive upgrades you will do. Increasing storage space allows you to save more documents, load more programs, gives you a backup path.

Video: If you are thinking of a upgrading your video you have to consider two things: the video card and your monitor. One or both? Is your current monitor new enough to support higher resolutions? Do you want to upgrade to play the latest game that needs 1920 x 1080 with millions of colors? Or does your computer drag when you open up a picture and you have other programs open?

Audio: Speakers or sound card? Lousy sound could be either one. One way to tell if it is the speakers is by distortion, in other words is the sound crisp or muffled, maybe some sounds don't come out at all. Maybe you want to add some functions to your Audio card that the current one doesn't have.

Keyboards and Mouse: Keyboard looking like you picked it up in the dollar store? Mouse getting on your nerves? Want wireless because the cables are to short? Want more functions?

Unless you have a very old network card there is no reason at this time to upgrade a network card. Most network cards under five years old are running at 100 MBPS (mega bytes second). The only reason to upgrade your network card is to go to the 1000 MBPS card, unless you have a 1000 MBPS network this is a waste of money. If on the other hand you are building a new system then by all means select a 1000 MBPS card sooner or later the rest of your network will catch up. The only viable upgrade for a network at this time would be your hub.

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Once you have your part(s) if you need some help see the Repair section for instructions.

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