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Upgrading Keyboard and Mouse wired to wireless?

Not much to upgrade on the keyboard. You can however get a few more functions, esthetic, and comfort from a new keyboard. To some people the old straight keyboard is uncomfortable, you can get one of Microsoft's ergonomic keyboards, you will have to relearn how to type on it.

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Some new keyboards have extra buttons for email, web surfing, etc. These are just short cuts to the program you push instead of clicking on the icon, a word of caution - you have to program the factions.

There are some new keyboards that have larger keys and then there is some that have lighted keys. (The two I looked at that had lighted keys were wireless, this means the batteries will not last as long as one with out lighted keys, a couple sets of rechargeable batteries will save you some money).

Upgrades for your Mouse or pointing device

Like the keyboard a mouse upgrade is mainly functionality or ergonomic. Most mice only come with two buttons and/or a wheel.

However gaming pointing devices have more buttons for more functions while in a game program, some research will give you the type of gaming mouse you might need, I read a review on a new pointing device with eight buttons but it was for a game machine emulator (XBox) and it cost over $100, a good joy stick would be cheaper and easier to use in my opinion...

If you want more functions on your pointing device look into the roller ball, this is a large heavy ball about the size of pool ball or a baseball that sets in a container. You roll the ball with your fingers to move the pointer on the video display. These take some getting used to but once you have mastered the technique most people say they don't like using a normal mouse...

The main upgrading keyboard and mouse for either of these items is from wired to wireless.

Remember that wireless means you will have a radio transmitter and receiver set, that is the mouse and keyboard transmit a signal only to a device that is the receiver, when you type or move the pointing device.

This radio signal although not strong it can be intercepted and if it can be intercepted it can be read by someone wanting to know what you are typing, such as user ID's and passwords. Most newer wireless sets have a feature to encrypt the signal from the devices to the receiver, this would stop someone from "harvesting" your key strokes for use ID's and passwords. If it comes with your new devices use it!  

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