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When considering upgrade modem there are two types of modems available in today's computing world: analog and digital.


One consideration to buying a new one is speed; the other is fax capability (cheaper that a fax machine). The maximum speed for analog modems is 58.8 KBS. (KBS stands for Kilo Bits per Second)

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If your current modem is a 58.8 KBS then there is no reason to upgrade, if you don't have a fax or voice capability and would like to have it then you could do that.

If you have a 58.8 KBS modem and are not getting that speed when connecting it more than likely is your phone line. Have the phone company check you phone line, some phone companies will not guarantee more than 28.8 KBS on a analog phone line.


Cable and DSL modems normally are supplied buy the ISP (Internet Service Provider) but some are moving away from providing the modem you use to connect to their services. Recently unless you sign up for a maintenance contract for your service if your modem fails you will need to purchase a new one.

That happened to me after four years my DSL modem failed, when it did I had to buy a new one so I added the wireless feature, the capability for a DMZ (Digital Media Zone), however I do not need a NAS (Network Attached Storage) as an external USB hard drive that is a feature of the new modem.

Newer models  also come with the capability to connect at 1 GBPS, if your ISP can provide a connection above 100 MBPS (MBPS stands for Mega Bits Per Second, GBPS stands for Giga Bits Per Second) this would mean you would have true high speed internet. But consider this: If the ISP doesn't provide anything above 10 MBPS connect speed then it would be a waste of your money to buy this type of device.

If you are not on a service contract for the modem you can upgrade for more options such as adding a wireless access point to your modem, or storage either in the modem or as an external usb hard drive.

Upgrade Modem will not increase your access speed to the internet, that only comes from the ISP and they will charge you more for the increase in speed - guaranteed!

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