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Diy-Computer-Repair can help you with Safety!

Safety for you and the computer while doing repairs.

Of all the things you need to work on your computer the main one is Information (tech data)!

With the correct technical advice (as translated here) any task can be accomplished. You need to follow a few safety rules to accomplish your goal.

Most people look at a computer and see a box sitting on a desk or beside it, a computer is a tool, like a powered saw or a drill it will hurt you if you do something stupid.

If you are wondering why I keep saying over and over that you can get hurt when working on a computer consider this old saying: "If you poke a bee hive you will get stung!" Well if you poke a screw driver or other metal tool in a computer when the power is on you WILL get shocked, and believe me there is enough "power" in a computer to kill you.

Your security and the security of your data are the most important factors when doing a repair, if you fail to follow the instructions your repair will fail. If the failure is bad enough you could be injured and your data will surly be destroyed...

You will see this though out this web site: "It is your data, if you fail to protect it, the data will not be yours alone..."

This is 95% common sense and 5% knowledge of what can and will hurt you. Following these rules will help keep you from hurting yourself or damaging your equipment. However you still need to do the research about the topic of the task you are about to undertake. When handling computer parts always use an anti-static wrist stap.

Remove all JEWELRY!


1) Know what your objective is before you start.

2) Research your component, if buying find out if the component will work with your existing hardware before buying.

3) Always unplug the power cord when repairing the computer!

4) Keep static electricity from ruining you computer and replacement parts. (ESD - Electromagnetic Static Discharge)

5) Read all the instructions that come with the component you are replacing.

Check out these pages for more information and guidance.

"The computer you fix correctly will server you for a long time, short cuts will either destroy the computer or hurt you, and neither should be an option!"

Monte Russell

With computers you can also use the smaller condensed "Check list" to accomplish a single repair task.




You will find more "Rules to help you!" in the Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition Self Computer Repair Unleashed! 2nd Edition E-Book. Manual.

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