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Network Card no connectivity is it the hardware or software?

Network cardNetwork Card no connectivity, with LED's on...


Lets say you can not connect, you do not have an ip listed when you run ipconfig. You can do a little trouble shooting before you call the "Geek Squad".

ipconfig will return a list such as:

Ethernet adapter:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix : DSLYOURHOUSE.COM (This is router specific, yours may not have this)
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . .  . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . :

Check the Network Card Interface (NIC) LEDs, solid green LED means the cable is connected and working. Amber LED flashing means there is activity between the NIC and the other device the cable is connected to.


Setting the IP

If your system is set for DHCP and you are getting your IP from your Cable Modem or DSL Router you can fake it out by entering your own ip. Most generic Cable Modems and DSL Routers use this subnet to give you an IP: 192.168.1.X where X is any digit above 2.

If you have more than two computers connected to your Cable Modem or DSL Router use this IP to fake out the DHCP:, you will also have to set the subnet mask: and set the gate way:

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Don't worry about the lower block for DNS.

Now go to the command prompt you opened and type: ping
You will either get a reply from the Cable Modem or DSL Router or you will get a time out on the reply.

If you get a reply from the ping then shut your system down and restart, once it is running again go back to the NIC properties and remove the ip address you put in, just check the DHCP radio button, apply changes, this should take a short period to complete.

Go to the command prompt, type in ipconfig, does it look like the sample?

If it comes back with an IP, in the command prompt type: ping

Do you get a reply?


From the command prompt type: ping

Reply? Yes? Fixed.

Note: If you are behind a proxy (see Glossary) then you would ping another IP address on your LAN, the proxy does not allow for a direct connect to the internet.

Note: 99% of errors are caused by the setting for Duplex and Speed for the NIC, check the properties of the NIC under the Advanced tab and set it for FULL/100 MBPS or FULL/1000 MBPS (1 GB) because the default maybe HALF/10 MBPS (even 40+ years later...)

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