945G-M3 V3.0 Core 2 Duo MATX Motherboard Review


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ECS 945G-M3 V3.0 Core 2 Duo MATX Motherboard Review

The ECS 945G-M3 V3.0 Motherboard is a good main board for low end upgrade.

E C S (Elitegroup Computer Systems) has been manufacturing motherboards and peripherals for some time. Although based in Taiwan, their products are manufactured in China.

ECS 945G-M3 V3.0 Core 2 Duo MATX MotherboardThe company originally was one of the Premier Gaming PC manufactures but fell on hard times when the gaming boxes went big (XBOX, PS2, etc). I have not owned any of their product so this is a barebones review. Their motherboards are state of the art, with all the latest innovations you would find on any top of the line motherboards.

The 945G-M3 V3.0 motherboards support all the latest processors and have an upgrade path for future processors.

One thing that does bother me about most of ECS motherboards are the ram slots, most of them only have two slots for ram, this means that you have to put in more than you currently want or pay for an upgrade at a later time and waste the money that you put in the ram at the start of your project, I would suggest you put a minimum of one gig DDR 2 memory module and leave the other slot open for upgrade at a future time. This board uses PCI-X for the integrated Gigabit LAN and video cards, which is great because it only has two PCI-X slots.

The 945G-M3 V3.0 Specifications:

CPU: Socket 775 support Intel? Core 2 Duo/ Pentium D/ Pentium 4/ Celeron D processor; Support Hyper-Threading Technology; FSB 1066/800/533 MHz

Chipset: Intel? 945G & ICH7

Memory: 2x 240pin DDR2-667/533/400 DIMMs, Dual Channel, Max capacity 2GB

Slots: 1x PCI Express x16 slot; 1x PCI Express x1 slot; 2x PCI slots

IDE/SATA: 1x ATA-100 channel; 4x SATA2 ports

Audio: Realtek ALC883 8-channel Audio CODEC 

Video: Intel? Graphics Media Accelerator 950 Controller

LAN: Realtek RTL8110SC Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Ports: 8x USB 2.0 ports (4 rear, 4 by headers); 2x PS/2 ports; 1x Serial port; 1x Parallel port; 1x VGA port; 1x RJ45 LAN port; Audio I/O jack

Power Connector: 1x 24-pin ATX Power Supply connector, 1 x 4-pin ATX 12V connector

Form Factor:
Micro ATX, 24.4 x 24.4 cm

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I am rating the ECS 945G-M3 V3.0 7 out of 10. A 7 because of the real estate on the board is not used to the full capacity, the board could have one or two more PCI or PCI-x slots, it could also have four slots for ram instead of two. If you want to use the onboard Video you would not want to play games or have a high powered graphics program unless you had the full four gigs of ram because the video shares the ram with the processor, anything less than 2 giga bytes of memory will cause the system to be a dog. For a everyday business pc this mother board will suffice at a fair price.

Note 02/13/20 This document is still available on this web site for historical purposes, it shows how far we have came with our digital technology.

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