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Why do I say "Backup your data!" on my web sites?

IT pros always say: "Backup your data!" because they know how difficult is it to recover it!

Backup your data is an important task that you should not leave to chance!

Yesterday I received an email asking me if my main book Self Computer Repair Unleashed 2nd Edition would help recover files from a formatted drive.

Short answer: No!


Because once a drive has been formatted you need a special program to recover "deleted files" such as one I use every now and then called Get Data Back.

How ever there is a problem with using a data recovery program: The drive has to be left alone until you recover the data, that is you can not write or use the drive. Once you write to the drive the chances of recovering files drops to 20 or less per cent.

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The bad part about this email was that the OS BSOD and when the writer tried to do a recovery there was a mistake and the OS was reinstalled over the old installation.

Note: If you are doing recovery using the Windows Recovery process on the install cd and it starts to do a installation of the OS power down the computer! Until you say 'Yes' to the actual process of formatting the drive it can be aborted!

This means that all documents in the Documents and Settings folders were wiped out.

Could this have been prevented?

The BSOD - maybe, maybe not, it isn't the issue here.

The data loss could and should be prevented.

That is why you see the reminders all over my web sites: "It is your data, if you want to keep it, Backup your data!"

There are a some other things you can do for your data to keep from losing it if there is an unexpected format of a hard drive they are:

  • Back up your data to an external device.
  • Have more than one backup.
  • Have more than one partition or drive in your computer, store your data on the second partition or drive.

Here is a little known fact about virus: very few search beyond the OS partition for data, that is normally the C: drive. Having your data on another drive may keep a virus from destroying or stealing your data.

Normally when you buy a computer there is only one drive and one partition on that drive.

This makes it a little awkward if you want to split the drive, you will need to backup your data then make the OS partition, install the OS, then make the second partition for your data, a lot of work but worth the effort. Or install a second hard drive, a little hard to do on a laptop.

Note: Starting with Vista the Disk Manager in the Computer Management Console has an option to "shrink or expand" a partition, however the Vista version was not 100% fool proof, sometimes it would indicate the partition (volume) was changed but on restart the partition would revert back to the original state. Windows 7 and up the problem was fixed.

If you have a drive that contains only one partition you can "shrink" or resize it and then create a second partition for your data, but save your files before attempting to do this procedure.

If you are doing the OS install splitting the drive up in to two or more partitions then use one of the non OS partitions to store your data.


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